Big mark on the plastic of console :\

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#1 Posted by L (1761 posts) -

What the hell is up? This mark just won't come off. It looks like a smear. I figure the plastic may somehow have been damaged but I have kept it in the same place. There's a few spots where it is white.

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Is there anything that can make this better or is this permanent damage do you think?
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#2 Posted by big_jon (6468 posts) -

I masturbated on it while you were sleeping.

Sorry about that...

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#3 Edited by RollingZeppelin (2429 posts) -

looks like a jizz stain. Look, I know some people really love their consoles, but this is taking it a little far.

@big_jon: ah beat me to it!

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#4 Posted by Dany (8019 posts) -

I'd assume it dried on top. I don't know, i'd imagine soap or toothpaste to clean it but the electronics are so close.

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#5 Posted by Jedted (2954 posts) -

I looks like it got melted by something maybe? Have you put anything hot down on top of if recently?

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