Can't find Kinect Fun Labs in new dashboard :(

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I've been in the new dashboard beta but I just recently got a Kinect. I know in the old dashboard you used the voice command "Xbox, Kinect Hub" to get to the Kinect Hub where Kinect Fun Labs was located. But that voice command doesn't work in the new dashboard, not for me anyway; so does anyone else have this problem and is there another way to get to it that doesn't involve going to the Games Marketplace and doing 'Download Again/Play Now'?

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Im pretty sure i saw it in the quick look.

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Thanks. I didn't know they did one... watching it... NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#4 Posted by Mikewrestler5 (638 posts) -

Maybe try using the Bing search? That might help.

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Bing just takes me to the marketplace where I can choose to re-download and then do 'play now'.

Bing doesn't find stuff on your Xbox, it just finds stuff in the different marketplaces. Like, Bing Batman will just find you all the Batman games, movies, music... but not like, my already downloaded Arkham City DLC.

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Wow. If anyone else wants to know its GAMES tab, Games Marketplace... you'll start at the Featured tab and Kinect Fun Labs is in the bottom-right-corner.

I guess putting it in My Games with everything else would have been too easy.

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#7 Posted by SteamPunkJin (1283 posts) -

I assumed it would have been under 'Apps' but thanks for the clarification.

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#8 Posted by big_jon (6443 posts) -

It's in the games hubs section, I think it's in the marketplace.

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#9 Posted by Chucklestyle (39 posts) -

On the latest dash I did a search in the "games" tab for "kinect fun labs" then opened the main entry and selected "pin to home". After that I was able to select it and hit "play now" whenever I wanted.

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