Dark souls PVE Strength build no deaths

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i have been playing dark souls along time now and decided to document a no die PVE build starting where I died my first time so far already 5 hours into this character.

Name is Dawg, hah, cuz i dont care about names, he is level 37 and is a strength build centered around ultra great swords preferably the black knight great sword. i will use various armor throughout the game and try to play and never die, I will upload videos of game play later when I get more posts and stuff, once u see me play you will realize why I don’t die on this build I’m pretty sure I have built the perfect PVE build no joke. Always keeping 10 humanitys on me and going to be using mostly havel’s ring and ring of favor and protection,,,, ugh have to keep It on forever, it is just too good. If you guys have any questions just ask. I am here to help and show people some fun gaming experience.

Stats right now are as follows for Dawg who has been playing for 4 hours, 56 mins, and 26 seconds and I am currently in undead burg just finished killing the Capra demon and going down into the depths to kill some dogs and a butcher. Hoping to get to anor lando by tonight and finish off there.

Level 37

Souls: 1666

Vitality: 11

Attunement: 8

Endurance: 18

Strength: 32

Dexterity: 20

Resistance: 11

Intelligence: 9

Faith: 10


Covenant is the Way of the white

The current armor I am using is the grass crest shield for the stamina reboost, the thief mask for looks, the Black leather armor, the Black leather gloves, and the Elite Knight leggings. I am using the ring of favor and protection and the wolf ring, I may use havels ring sometimes for bosses and use steel armor for the massive poise boost. Right around 80 you cannot be stunned for anything so that’s prime for bosses. I am going to start playing now and will update soon with some feeback on how my game is going and let me know how you are doing and any questions just ask, but I may not get to everyone!! So please don’t be mad. I am here to help and show some fun gaming experience.

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so i'm doing some farming down in the depths with 13 humanities and 20,497 souls because i really need some levels even though i am one shoting everything down here, i hit a rat for 810 power attack with Black Knight Great Sword, also one shoting the green slimes with 144 and 156 with jump attack. i think i'm going to see if i can get 99 humanities, that way when i start filming people cans see i haven't been lying plus i will probably post videos if you guys seem interested then i definitely will.

okay time for some more playing and that sweet bonfire with the gaping dragon up next. now sadly i cannot face kurt because turning human means invasion and i am strictly PVE, laugh all you want but everyone knows even PVE for dark souls is no joke especially trying not to die and loss 99 humanities, which i will get there

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Isn't a no deaths run technically impossible because of Seath?

Unless you count the ring of sacrifice as not dying.

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@animasta: There is an exploit that you can use to skip that fight, though it is kind of hard to do and may in fact result in death instead.

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A no death run huh? That sounds interesting though it's something I'll never try. I just started playing a couple of days ago and have been trying to re-familiarize myself with the controls. (I played a lot of Demon's Souls)

I've been mainly sticking around the beginning of Undead berg or whatever and working on my parrying which has resulted in a few deaths.

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