Dirt 3 Games on Demand version/ Xbox 360 sales

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(Sales are during the week of February 23rd, 2014)

For those who might be interested, there have been some crazy sales going on for Xbox 360 games. Dark Souls for 5 bucks! MGS: Revengeance for 15!

Be careful though! I bought Dirt 3 for 5 bucks, but for some reason, I cannot progress past the first set of races without my console freezing on the loading screen.

Anyone know what's up with this? I figured games on demand versions of games wouldn't have issues like this. (I've already tried clearing the cache, loading my save from another device, using different cars, turning off autosave, as well as deleting and redownloading the game to try and fix it to no avail) My 360 is a slim model, and it's relatively new, so it can't be hardware issues.

They finally make the sales on XBL worthwhile, but sell games that don't work. U.U

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@spitznock: Damn, dude. Glad I read this, I've been staring at that Dirt 3 download button all week. I'm so tempted, but if it's giving you issues, maybe that's the little push I need to not buy it. I mean, I did buy that Forza Horizon season pass a couple months ago that included some rally racing stuff, and I haven't touched that. So, maybe it's for the best.

These sales have been nuts though. I finally bought American Nightmare (like $3?) and Asura's Wrath ($7ish). There have been some other temptations, and a lot of great stuff I already own. It's nice to see the 360 getting this sort of treatment. I mean, if they're not going to actively support it, at least putting a bunch of gems on deep discount is a nice farewell.

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That didn't happen to me, but when I first launched it the audio on my Xbox just completely stopped. I restarted the console and it was fine, really enjoying it.
Yeah, this sale has been great, I haven't got anything besides DiRT but I'm holding out for tomorrow, it's the last day I think...

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@beetlebummed: I'm shaking my first in envy at you at the moment. I'm so bummed! I've been wanting to play Dirt 3 for a long time now. I've googled and googled and googled for solutions and nothing works.
I can finish the first Rally X event just fine, but either of the two other events (both of which are Rally events) freeze at the loading screen after the event. If only you could repeat events and still get points... The one event I can finish gave me 50, but I can't unlock more events til I get 100.
On one hand, if my system and the games on demand version of Dirt 3 simply will not mix, I'm only out $5; but on the other hand... 5 bucks wasted!

Will continue to try different things and update if I find any fixes.

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@spitznock: You could try deleting it and then installing it again?
I really don't know, that sounds like a bummer, it worked for both my friends too.

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I made a new profile with autosaving off from the start and I was somehow able to finish event 3 (which is one of the rally events which froze up before). I also didn't touch any assist settings before the event (doubt that did anything, but who knows).

Woo! Will keep driving til the wheels fall off!

-edit- Hah! I turned assists off again when firing up event 1 (the other rally event) and it froze as usual.

Freezes related to turning off assists? What in the world is happening?

-edit edit- Tried the event again with assists at their default. Still froze. Did I just run into some weird fluke before? I'm so confused!

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