Do You Still Play Any Xbox Games?

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#1 Posted by breadfan (6803 posts) -

If so what games?

I still play Kotor and Star Wars Battlefront

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#2 Posted by Vinchenzo (6463 posts) -

Not really, I hate losing guide accessibility. If I were to play one, I want to play Oddworld Stranger's Wrath again.

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#3 Posted by TLT21 (83 posts) -

I've played kotor kotor2 and fable recently

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#4 Posted by tec3297 (1258 posts) -

I am playing The Elder Scrolls III, Blinx, and LOTR: The Third Age.

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#5 Posted by marc (831 posts) -

I've played Halo and Black again back before the holiday rush of games came last year. It is the only 2 Xbox games I've ever owned.

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#6 Posted by Bloodbath (85 posts) -

Nope, I stick to this generation.

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#7 Posted by xplodedd (1379 posts) -

i played halo 2 a few days ago... it was meh...
marc said:

"I've played Halo and Black again back before the holiday rush of games came last year. It is the only 2 Xbox games I've ever owned."
you actually like black, that game got awfully boring awfully quickly.

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#8 Posted by Wolverine (4640 posts) -

I play Halo 2 still sometimes because I prefer it over Halo 3. But besides that no.

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#9 Posted by Mike (17288 posts) -

I'm still playing my Xbox Originals version of Ninja Gaiden: Black

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#10 Posted by epic_pets (1345 posts) -

not right now

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#11 Posted by RoslindaleOne (35 posts) -

Yup. I just finished playing Fable: The Lost Chapters. Now I'm going to play NG Black.

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#12 Posted by Froogin (10 posts) -

I do if I can pick up a handfull really cheap at Gamestop or something. Plus I still love to play Ninja Gaiden.

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#13 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

Nope. 10 year old console games dont work well. 10 year old pc games are a different story =P

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#14 Posted by Cleric (290 posts) -

You bet I do. I still play Shenmue II and MGS2: Substance from time to time.

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#15 Posted by Leewow (134 posts) -

Is Still Play Ninja Gaiden On The Original Xbox And That Game Kicks Ass

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#16 Posted by DappaDizzle (183 posts) -

nope but im tempted to play fable again before 2 comes out

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#17 Posted by Batman (1018 posts) -

Yeah I just picked up Fable.

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#18 Posted by Taalon (128 posts) -

Nope, I gave them all to my friend.

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#19 Posted by MutenMiller (237 posts) -

I played through Ninja Gaiden Black recently, just before the sequel came out, and I play through Conkers BFD every now and then too.

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#20 Posted by MAV3R1CK (143 posts) -

I played a little Halo 2 before, just wasn't the same as Halo 3.....

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#21 Posted by Nobility (299 posts) -


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#22 Posted by LightYagami245 (1161 posts) -

I just finished replaying KOTOR on my 360.

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#23 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

No I don't

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#24 Posted by Guild_Master (265 posts) -

I only play the original forza because forza 2 doesn't have point to point races, other than that none.

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#25 Posted by Warfare (1683 posts) -

Not at all.

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#26 Posted by MsCortana (445 posts) -

Yeah, still have my xbox and still play Halo and KOTOR on it...

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#27 Posted by Flexiable (105 posts) -

The original Forza. Just couldn't be bothered with the sequel, not enough in it for me.

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#28 Posted by FullMetal_Mac (134 posts) -

I still play Chronicles of Riddick on my Xbox sometimes.

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#29 Posted by Major (474 posts) -

Kotor 1&2, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (the last good one imo), SW Battlefront and the GTA games

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#30 Posted by thebipsnbeeps (709 posts) -

I just recently bought Brothers in Arms, Prince of Persia, and Oddworld. I still play Xbox games, and before I'm ready to sink into the Xbox 360, I'm going to find a bunch of Xbox games I still need to get and play, as well as trying to beat the ones I've rarely touched.

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#31 Posted by DamaskRose (82 posts) -

PSYCHONAUTS and anyone who has'nt should immediately you can even download it from Xbox Live

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#32 Posted by Lairdo (539 posts) -

Various games, but not often.

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#33 Posted by DarkLegend (1383 posts) -

KOTOR and GTA:SA from time to time.

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#34 Posted by dzigns (89 posts) -

Ninja Gaiden Black

I started playing Soul Calibur II recently though in preparation for IV.

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#35 Posted by quiquexbs (24 posts) -

I play Jet Set Radio Future sometimes.

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#36 Posted by JJGIANT (884 posts) -

I popped in the orginal mercenaries into my 360 last week after seeing footage of the sequal. Played it for 10 mins and got bored, the majority of those older games just dont really hold up.

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#37 Posted by el_Sergomatico (14 posts) -

I tried popping in Marvel vs Capcom 2 because it does still hold up really well. But unfortunately the emulation on that game was a bit buggy and killed any interest in playing that game, at least on my 360.

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#38 Posted by Caddy (320 posts) -

Nope, I haven't played any original xbox games in quite some time.

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#39 Posted by Steve_Ramirez (1452 posts) -

Yep, I play 3rd strike every Saturday with my bro, Kotor sound preety good right now actually now that I'm off school

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#40 Posted by BlindEffekt (920 posts) -

I play Shenmue II and Kotor Alot still.

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#41 Posted by JoelTGM (5784 posts) -
thebipsnbeeps said:
"I just recently bought Brothers in Arms, Prince of Persia, and Oddworld. I still play Xbox games, and before I'm ready to sink into the Xbox 360, I'm going to find a bunch of Xbox games I still need to get and play, as well as trying to beat the ones I've rarely touched.
:O  The BIA games are not backwards compatible.  I hope you haven't opened it yet :O.  I have no idea why they are not BC because I'd buy them right this minute if they were. 

Anyway, if anyone hasn't played Fable yet, I recommend you get it.  I borrowed it from my friend and I played it all day everyday nonstop until I beat it, it's a great game.
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#42 Posted by dartendaspartan (14 posts) -

Played through Kotor 2 a few weeks ago, albeit on my 360. Infact I've never played Kotor 1 so might consider picking it up.

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#43 Posted by TimesHero (921 posts) -

Phantom Dust FTW!

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#45 Posted by Mr_Bauer (430 posts) -

I still play Halo 2, Black and KOTOR from time to time

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#46 Posted by OblivionGuy07 (175 posts) -

I put in Morrowind the other day, and I sometimes play Battlefront

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#47 Posted by TheSnakeOfWar (78 posts) -

I still play Halo, Halo 2, Kotor and fable oh and the battlefront  games got to love the battlefront games.

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#48 Posted by MikeydCT (743 posts) -

I started to play fable last week.

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#49 Posted by BuckyDog (3 posts) -

Beyond Good and Evil, Psychonauts, and Crimson Skies

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#50 Posted by twenty0ne (3056 posts) -

Nope, not since before Halo 3 came out.

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