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    Fear 2 playthrough (with webcam reactions)

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    #1  Edited By DeadlyPain

    The original fear didn't scare me and was actually quite a dissapointment in terms of scary on my part - afew parts that made me jump, but jumping isn't being scared is it? - being scared is not wanting to go on etc

    So, this time around i decided that i would film my reactions and then give a review of the game at the end (Which by the way will be my first ever game review :P)

    Now obviously this is going to be a massive spoiler as i will be filming from start to finish - and i will not be editing it, you will litterally get to see the whole game from start to finish (Please bare in mind i'm extremely nervous while filming, i know it doesn't look it as i tried not to show it - just listen to me trying to read, i make so many mistake its unbelieveable :P)

    All the videos will be uploaded in HD (720p widescreen) so you can see more clearly even though technically....its not actually been recorded in....720p.....*cough*

    and by the way - Bloody hell it takes ages to edit and then upload the 500+mg size files to youtube xD - 10mins in sony vegas = 2-3hours to render!!!! ( i hate my E6600 haha)




    i will also be doing the same with Resident Evil 5 (Without the webcam reaction or my voice, so it'll be only the game footage - which is better :P
    No need to listen to
    A) someone from the UK and
    B) no need to look at someone from the UK xD lol


    i was working on the Dead Space playthrough as well before FEAR 2 <<<< this is how i will be doing it for Resident Evil 5 :)
    Dead space has been put on hold till FEAR 2 has been completed :P

    Thanks for reading and to all those that take the time to watch my videos.
    please rate and subscribe if your a member of youtube - again Thanks!

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