FIFA 14 On 360 or Next Gen Consoles?

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Just quick question. I know FIFA 14 is coming out this month and like everybody else I always get them. But the next gen version looks better! Shall I just wait till the next Gen version or just get it on 360?

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#2 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4473 posts) -

Well, Amazon and Xbox seems to be having the discount that you buy it on 360, and you upgrade to XONE for a deeply discounted price. But well, I dunno if you look like you're actually getting the XONE at all when that comes out. You do say "Next-Gen Version" rather than just XONE, so hm.

Point is, I don't know if you get the same discount upgrading from 360 to PS4. Although sure, it Is Amazon. So hm. I don't know how much the upgrade would cost, if it as cheap as $10. I don't wanna do your research myself. Dollop of salt.

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