FUSION: GENESIS - (ACTION RPG - Diablo x GTA in space) - 9th NOV

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By: Starfire studios (http://www.starfirestudios.co.uk)

Publisher: Microsoft

Type: Action RPG

Release Date: 9th November 2011

Platform: XBLA

Price: 800 MS points

What is Fusion Genesis?

Fusion Genesis is an explosive mix of space adventure and multiplayer shooter. A cross between diablo and GTA in space, but in a dynamic multiplayer environment - the first of its kind for XBLA.

Video Links http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-lhlNrSBSc&feature;=feedlik


Follow six epic storylines that let you become a free trader, a lawless mercenary, a galactic peacekeeper, a military loyalist, or a devout seeker as you unravel a sinister alien plot

Explore an "always connected" environment where friends and enemies populate your world dynamically

Take on hundreds of varied solo and co-op quests

Discover 23 innovative and action-packed levels

Fly over 100 ships, from agile scout fighters to huge cruisers, each with its own specialty

Customize your ship with over 1000 different upgrades

Choose from over 200 deadly and strategic weapons for your ship

Learn from more than 40 unique combat skills

Enjoy both cooperative (1-4 players) and PvP (1-8 players) gameplay

Fight in epic ship battles in PvP warzones

Cooperate with other players to defend space stations from Dark Legion raids

Join other brave heroes to overcome the terrible guardians of the mysterious Ark

Connect with Fusion: Sentient, a Windows Phone 7 game where you can level up and trade amazing AI units that will help you in Fusion: Genesis

Why should you care?

Over 40 hours of gameplay for 800 MS points

Dynamic multiplayer world unlike anything seen on XBLA About

Starfire studios Starfire Studios is an Independent development Studio set up by 4 ex-Rare industry veterans Chris Tilston, Mark Edmonds, Philip Dunne and Ross Bury. Having been key contributors on games such as Goldeneye, Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark and Kameo they are now focused on bringing something hugely ambitious, innovative and unique to Xbox Live Arcade with their first release, Fusion:Genesis.

Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Starfire-Studios/196399820385939

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