Hockey advice, please

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First up, I'm old.

I used to love playing the old Genesis and SNES hockey games. NHL 94 is probably on my personal top ten of all time. It's been a while, though. I'd like to pick up a new hockey game, but there are so damn many. And from the demos, some seem very complex for no reason other than complexity.

Can anyone recommend a good, arcadey NHL game from the recent crop? I'd prefer 360, but have no prejudice against older titles. If you tell me that NHL 07 is the spiritual successor to NHL 95, then I'm sold. Anyway, simple controls, easy scoring and hard checks. I'll abuse sliders if I have to. Just looking to have some fun offline.

Thanks in advance.

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You might as well pick up nhl 12 for cheap used somewhere. The controls may seem difficult but they are in fact very easy. If you're just looking to get your hockey on current gen NHL 10 is very good and still holds up as long as you don't care about rosters.

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@aledromo: NHL 94! YES! Well said.

Anyway, your best bet would be to try out some demos. NHL 13 now has a demo out and has been a blast to play. Although, if you're just looking for a cheap hockey game, NHL 11 is pretty solid as well.

Also, each of the EA NHL games now include a "NHL 94" control scheme which can definitely make the game more enjoyable for you.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Always willing to help another hockey fan.

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There's not really any good arcadey hockey games out there nowadays, if you don't mind them being older I would say 2K7 is great and it might be on 360. Later 2k games might be similar but I haven't played one since. 2K7 has tons of teams(pretty much every stanley cup winner up till 2006), random crazy arenas, 3 on 3 mode, big head mode, and pretty sure it has turbo.

For a more realistic take the NHL series is great and if you wait a couple weeks NHL 12 should drop to tops 20 bucks now since 13 will be out. As MightDuck said they have a 94 controls option, though they limit what you can do. 13 though seems to be the most realistic game yet and will come with up to date rosters and updates throughout the season.

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