How do I play DLC Off of a USB?

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I know it's been mentioned before on this site, and it was the first result when I googled that question, but that post was 2 years ago, and it didn't say how, just if it was possible.

Okay, so I got all 4 of the Black Ops DLC a while back, and that Xbox got Red Rings, so I used a hard drive transfer thing to get them on a USB. My old Xbox was 8GB, and my new one is 4GB so I can't put all my games on it. How EXACTLY Do you play game DLC Off of a USB? Black Ops to be specific. And NO! I didn't just ask, I tried too! I went onto Black Ops, went to Zombies, and none of the maps were there, just the default 3.

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I'm pretty positive it has to be on the Xbox. Just get an actual hard drive. I'm not sure how it's practical to use the thing at all with only 4 or 8gb. That's incredibly low. I'm not sure how you can stand it. Any game I'm actively playing gets installed to my hard drive (runs better) and A LOT of my games are digital copies.

But anyway, I'm pretty sure you have to have the content on your hard drive.

The VERIFIED CORRECT answer from the Xbox website:

"Unfortunately not. DLC must be downloaded directly to the console. This prevents piracy and also allows for console licenses (which allow all users on the original downloading console to utilize the DLC)."

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I don't understand. I got the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition dl content (add-on download, not the retail disc) to work on my USB drive with no problems. I guess the answer in this overall situation is that it can vary between games and how they load content.

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Did you download the DLC on your old Xbox? If so, you need to transfer the content license to your new one. That's what I did with my XBLA games when I replaced my broken Xbox and they work fine.

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