Need Advice on buying a US XBOX 360?

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Hello There,

I need some helpful advice on something I have been considering for quite a bit of time but am still very unsure about doing. I have consider picking up an American XBOX 360 to use where I live in the UK. Now for one I'm not 100% on certain aspects of it so I was really hopeing some of you more knowledgable 360 folks could help me a little. Especially those who may have done something familar. Basically I have had my PAL XBOX 360 since the console launched in Europe and its been a fantastic console, never ever had any problems with it *Touch Wood* and I have fitted it with the 120GB HDD. But of course the 360 is region locked, which means more then often us PAL users get the short end of the straw with specific games (I'm looking at you HMX) and theres quite a few games that either have absolutely no European release date at all or if they do, they won't see the light of day till sometime 2009. As I said this is still being considered, but I was wondering how my gamertag would work if I purchased a US XBOX 360? you see I currently have a gamertag on my current console that I of course would like to keep but I'm unsure how the 360 handles using one gamertag on two XBOX 360's. Of course I don't want to stop using the PAL console as I have many PAL games in my collection which would mean me using two consoles on one gamertag..... which I believe would cause some issues because the HDD is set to stop you using one Gamertag on two consoles. I have heard of a method to do with the memory card tho I haven't really looked into it yet. I know UK or Europe folk have purchased US XBOX 360's but I suspect they started a whole new gamertag to do so and require them to get all there games through something like PLAY ASIA to import the US versions of the games. because of region locking.

So if anyone knows some good info on the matter concerning gamertags on two consoles I would appriate it, and it anyone as actually bought a US XBOX 360 console and live in the UK/Europe I would welcome any thoughts on the matter. As I said I'm currently considering this, I have been offered a new 360 at a very good price (the original not elite) but don't want to take the risk if it clearly isn't going to work around my gamertag.


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Ok so if you moved you gamertag over to a US 360 you would be able to play US games but I don't think you would be able to download movies off the American marketplace. I feel for you man, these region codes must be a pain. I live in the US so I don't have to deal with it.

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