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Hey guys, I thought I'd lay this question out to the giantbomb community, I really do need your help.

I just moved to the UK and got myself a new Xbox 360 slim. The thing is, the only thing I have so far is a laptop and the Xbox itself and I'm living in a small student hall. Now, I know I can't use my laptop monitor as a, well, monitor for the Xbox so I'm going to need to buy myself a PC monitor ASAP. Here's the thing, I have a pair of Shure SRH 440 and I'd like to use that while playing; is there a way to go about this? I was wondering if there's a monitor out there which lets me connect my Xbox to it via HDMI and also has an audio output jack for my headphones.

Or is there another way? Maybe connect the Xbox to the monitor via HDMI and get myself an RCA cable to split the sounds to my laptop and hook my headphones up to that instead. I'm really looking for the most convenient option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to some batmanbatmanbatman action.

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