Need some help with Achievements -account hacked?

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Hey guys, this topic might fit better in bug reporting, but it's xbox related so here we go.

I don't have an Xbox. I have an Xbox Live account because I've played Games for Windows on the PC and an account was required (Age of Empires online, Gears 1 on PC etc..). About a year ago someone hacked my Xbox live account (some dude from Russia) and charged me $180 in buying Microsoft points. I called Xbox and got reimbursed and my account was reset, including all passwords. The problem now is that Giant Bomb has Borderlands 2 achievements on my profile. See

I've never played Borderlands 2. When I go to the Xbox Live website, it doesn't show that BL2 was ever purchased. Is this a glitch with GiantBomb or has my account been hacked again? I've changed my password again with the hope that it's just a glitch. I don't see any history of paying for Borderlands 2... Is there another website that I can verify xbox achievements on? Can't seem to find it on the xbox live site.

....Edit - and checking my recently played games, I see a whole whack of games I've never played. Check out all the xbox games on this list:

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What matters is what says you've played.

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