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My friend recently sold his 360 and bought an Xbox One. He wanted to play GTA V, so he attached his profile to my 360 and played through the game. Now I have my 360 back with his profile on it, in addition to mine and my wife's respective profiles.

The issue is all the digital games attached to his profile appear on my profile as demos, but all of my digital games appear on his profile as full games. Is there a way to make his games full games playable from my profile?

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I think he would have to change the rights to that console.

Cant remember if that's what its called but I had to do that everytime I bought a new 360 and I have 100s of arcade games.

Im sure you can do it on the website

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It's a license transfer. If you're able to sign in on his profile, you can always try to re-download the games without having to go through the process to transfer the licenses.

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I found the answer on the xbox's site. down at the bottom gives instructions.

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