R6V2 or BF:BC?

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#1 Posted by Djrocks (103 posts) -
Well I'm getting ready to get a new  Xbox360 (after trading it in for a ps3). I was looking at a list of games I haven't fully played yet and I narrowed it down to two games. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Battlefield Bad Company. I'm a huge can of nice technical shooting and if I get R6V2 it will be my second time trying a game like that (the first was on gamecube). Then again I love Dice and Battlefield 2 was great experience (even though 2142 made me almost cry in shame), after playing the demo of Bad company it looks like the true susccesor to Battlefield 2. I can't pick both, and I have no idea what to pick. I just need something that can really hold me down for awhile. I would like to know how many maps each game has and how lively the game is online. Thanks.
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#2 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

I think R6V2 is the most well-balanced game overall, but BF:BC can be a lot more fun if the spawn camping doesn't get too out of hand. I would personally recommend R6V2, but know that it really isn't a high recommendation.

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#3 Posted by Pete (68 posts) -

BF:BC, I played both the R6V games, and I think BC is much more enjoyable.

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#4 Posted by DorianBlack (320 posts) -

BF:BC is possibly more fun but I got bored of it quicker than I did with R6v2, so go figure.

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#5 Posted by steve316 (110 posts) -

BF:BC for sure, R6V2 wasnt that good as the 1st one, BF:BC was fun and hilarious

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#6 Posted by lux (129 posts) -

I loved the first RSV, but the second one didn't do anything for me. Battlefield:BC is a lot more fun IMO.

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#7 Posted by OblivionGuy07 (175 posts) -

If you've never played Rainbow Six Vegas then get the sequel. If you already played the original get Battlefield

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#8 Posted by Vinchenzo (6463 posts) -

Play the demo of Bad Company to see if you like it, if you don't get RSV2. Although RSV2 is more recycled than new content so if you did play the first one, no large reason to play the second one.

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#9 Posted by Djrocks (103 posts) -
OblivionGuy07 said:
"If you've never played Rainbow Six Vegas then get the sequel. If you already played the original get Battlefield"
I never played the first one before, story doesn't bother me much since I'm just thinking about both of the games for the online content.
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#10 Posted by BeeDizz (31 posts) -
Zombi said:
"I loved the first RSV, but the second one didn't do anything for me. Battlefield:BC is a lot more fun IMO.

Exactly what i was going to say.
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#11 Posted by Subway (982 posts) -

Rainbow Six, I personally found both the single player and multiplayer much more enjoyable, and with co-op and terrorist hunt you can't really go wrong. BF:BC is awfully fun too though.

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#12 Posted by DARKIDO07 (926 posts) -

I've put a ton of hours into Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, and I've played Bad Company for a bit, and I have to recommend Bad Company over Vegas 2, its just more fun, and a better bang for your buck if you ask me.

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#13 Posted by Malakhii (1444 posts) -

Well i only bought RSV1 and i didn't really like it at all, BF:BC would be my choice

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#15 Posted by Taalon (128 posts) -

Both are good, but I prefer Battlefield: Bad Company.

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#16 Posted by TullyAckland (263 posts) -

Bad company is the better game in my opinion, tbh i saw hardly any differance between the 2 vegas games. Thats not to say it was bad, but its multiplayer got old fast for me.

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#17 Posted by Daanienator (205 posts) -

Bad company

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#18 Posted by Sentry (4198 posts) -

Since IMO R6V2 is like an upgrade more then a sequel, I would say BFBC.

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#19 Posted by MAV3R1CK (143 posts) -

Rainbow SIx Vegas 2. I play both and I think that RSV2 had a lot of more replay value and different multiplayer modes. Battlefield had only 1 mode as of today, but they will add the mode Conquest later on through software update/

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#20 Posted by Strife88 (246 posts) -

I thought the first Rainbow Six Vegas was a lot better than the sequel. Bad Company is a good game, very refreshing and definitely worth the buy.

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#21 Posted by Brickz187 (7 posts) -

Rainbowsix Vegas 2 is better then Bad Company IMO. If you dont have any friends to play with, the online will be pointless. No one ever talks and there is never much teamwork involoved. Bad Compnay is fun though, just I prefer RSV2

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#22 Posted by BlindEffekt (920 posts) -

There both extremely good games, but for CQC go R6V2. Or if you want ranged free battles Go BFBC.

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#23 Posted by natsfan7 (59 posts) -

BAD COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I own both....just so you know I'm not some stupid fanboy (though if you look at my posts, you can clearly see that I'm a Halo and Bad Company Fanboy).....I think BC is better...I guess that's all I have to say.

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#24 Posted by JoeyIA (666 posts) -

I like R6 better as a game but lots of the people playing it are jerks, where most of the people playing BC are alright.  I'd also recommend Cod4, I didn't like 2 or 3 at all but 4 is really good and the people online have been pretty cool too.  I only played 4 because everyone I work with has it, otherwise I would have never given it a shot.

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#25 Posted by natsfan7 (59 posts) -

Games you should get (if you can)-
1-Halo 3
2-Gears of War
3-Call of Duty 4
4-Battlefield: Bad Company
5-Viva Pinata

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#26 Posted by BlindEffekt (920 posts) -

Why would you put halo up top?

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#27 Posted by JJGIANT (884 posts) -

RB6 is better

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#28 Posted by Forzen (102 posts) -

Well I'm currently playing Battlefield BC and loving it. I played the original Vegas and it was excellent but from what reviews and friends say the second isn't as good so I would go for Battlefield if I were in your position.

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#29 Posted by LightYagami245 (1161 posts) -

I say R6V2.

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#31 Posted by Djrocks (103 posts) -

Hey thanks guys, I ended up getting Battlefield Bad Company. Feel free to add me, just tell me your from this site.


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#32 Posted by twenty0ne (3056 posts) -

Go with Bad Company. My favorite, hands down.

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#33 Posted by Nibbz (233 posts) -

bad company.

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#34 Posted by shadowjak (474 posts) -

R6V2, more tactical.

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#35 Posted by RebornNinja (9 posts) -

I would go with BF:BC......

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#36 Posted by mrhankey (781 posts) -

BF: Bad Company

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#37 Posted by NinjaMunkey (211 posts) -

Rainbow six vegas 2 is a very good game, the SO will be better, but the multiplayer is not amazing, which is where BFBC shines.

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#38 Posted by JJGIANT (884 posts) -

definately rbv2

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BlindEffekt said:
"Why would you put halo up top?
It is my favorite game for the 360 so far........If you think COD4 (or whatever game you really like) should be on top, then fine, cause it's your opinion!

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