since it's now out , who here hates the new xbox dash?

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#51 Posted by JoMate (258 posts) -
@MordeaniisChaos: only used it for 5 minutes cause I usually try to boot up an game as fast as possible, because I have caught myself browsing useless games and movies for pretty long times
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#52 Posted by haggis (1674 posts) -

I like it. It's snappier, more responsive. It's not a huge improvement over the NXE, but it fixes some of the things that irritated me. And I love the Netflix search update that also came out today.

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#53 Posted by DarkHeroZark (180 posts) -

The game marketplace is cool but the organiaztion of it sucks still. (Was in dash beta.)

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#54 Posted by danielkempster (2702 posts) -

I'm not bothered by it whatsoever. It looks more or less exactly the same to me, just with a cleaner, more neutral design scheme. Even if I didn't like it, I still wouldn't care too much. Of the ten or so hours I spend on my 360 every week, the vast majority of that time is spent, y'know, playing video games.

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#55 Posted by zegolf (255 posts) -
@Supermarius: A bit off topic, but I use Grooveshark.  It's pretty much like Zune Pass (on-demand music) but it's streaming, available on Android phones and PC/MAC and only $3 a month.  It's gotta be illegal, but whatever.
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#56 Posted by WatanabeKazuma (1006 posts) -

If the overall speed and convenience of using the dash is improved then I will be very happy with the update. The last overhaul I liked to begin with but after the novelty had worn off I'm not actually sure if it was any quicker.

 I will say that I still don't like that half of the background theme is obstructed, that said its a minor thing.

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#57 Posted by alternate (2819 posts) -

I hear pirates hate the new dash, Aaarrr Jim Lad! 

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#58 Posted by ViciousReiven (977 posts) -

Visually painful, I hate squared designs, and I hate simplistic GUIs, I'm waiting for the day when we have overly intricate GUIs like sci-fi movies. 
In function it definitely seems better, I just wish the look didn't change. 
In fact I loved the original blade design and am still really sad I'll never use it again.

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#59 Edited by Izaak (255 posts) -

I like it, although all the dirt and dust on my monitor shows up more on the white boxes.
Edit: Oh, and WTF is up with all that foggy smoke obscuring the bottom half of my themes. Grrr. 

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#60 Posted by FlipperDesert (2201 posts) -

It doesn't take me half a minute to load my game library anymore.
All is well.

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#61 Edited by CornBREDX (7198 posts) -

It was a long night so I havent updated yet. I'll let you know. 
Edit: Ok, I checked it out. It seems pretty cool. I like all the Avatar updates, except the hair, but thats no biggie. 
My only real complaint is how everything is now designed around the kinect and it shows. In some ways it reminds me of the WII. I guess the WII's interface was more streamlined so thats not entirely a bad thing really. It also seems like all the little boxes around the interface are bigger, which I dont know why but that annoys me. I guess I just have nit picks. 
It seems fine. The netflix update is probably the coolest thing about it.  
I'm a little disappointed they still havent made the download history more accessible. Showing the games you've paid for at least in your games collection list, or a link to the download history there would be nice. Or some way to organize that to find a game you want to redownload to play again would be nice. Otherwise, I like it. Its pretty neat. 
Edit: Oh forgot to add. The games marketplace I find a little more annoying to navigate now as well.
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#62 Posted by Deathpooky (1690 posts) -

Much cleaner and more appealing to me, perhaps a little faster in loading/scrolling compared to before. 
But as far as how a UI should be designed and function, still pretty terrible in how its organized and makes use of screen space.

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#63 Posted by JPJordan (49 posts) -

during the beta, whenever I would go to a friend's house who didn't have the new dashboard, i saw the difference, and this new one is much much better.
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#64 Posted by Berezov (556 posts) -

Well I have to pretend to hate it, it's new.

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#65 Posted by JPJordan (49 posts) -
@PsEG said:
"My only complaint is the way the avatars and backgrounds on the My Friends tab move towards and away from the screen while scrolling. It's a bit strange on the eyes. "

Yeah when I first got the dashboard a couple weeks ago, I thought the same thing.  But give it two or three days and you really begin to not even notice.
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#66 Edited by JDM006 (126 posts) -

Just read the following article and I think it sums up nicely my feelings about the new dashboard.

" feels like my console is trying to impress someone - and that someone isn't me. "
The dashboard looks alright, but you can tell they are trying to appeal to other people in your home who normally don't use the xbox 360. The bright colors and the tutorial on how to navigate the dashboard are dead giveaways to Microsoft's Wii-ification of the xbox strategy.  It's really irritating to see Microsoft attempt to re-brand the xbox 360 to a "casual games console."  Don't they know that most people already have a Wii? 
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#67 Posted by Portis (1295 posts) -

I think it looks really good, it feels faster to me in certain areas, but just as sluggish in others.  
But, yeah -- it's quite nice. It's fun to have new dashboard update every once in a good while, the old one was starting to feel stale to me.

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#68 Posted by Lukeweizer (3276 posts) -
@linus_south: I'm not a fan of the white on the Guide menu. I haven't actually seen the Dashboard yet though.
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#69 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

it looks alright. i only looked at it for like a couple of minutes after it updated. i tried downloading the update a couple of hours ago but it didn't download. i got it downloaded and installed. it looks more simple and new intro video.

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#70 Posted by crimsonclown (156 posts) -

I hate it to be honest. The new dashboard is visually a step down and it makes absolutely no sense for it to be flat now because you can see less options at any given time. Obviously they decided to make it 2D for Kinect but it annoys me that people who aren't using Kinect have to suffer the new design as a result. And it takes way longer to scroll to end of each block using the bumpers. The new guide looks bloody awful. Seriously, I'm no graphic designer but it looks so unprofessional, and it seems to be less fluid than before. Oh and the dash froze on me twice already. 
So yeah, big thumbs down here.

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#71 Posted by CptChiken (2058 posts) -

I really like it. I like the minimalistic design and also i think its great how far they have come since those hideous blades.

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#72 Posted by ch13696 (4760 posts) -
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#73 Posted by yoctoyotta (584 posts) -
I like it a lot. I've been using it all throughout the beta for the better part of two months now and my only complaint is that there's no option to auto-sign-in to Live if you have more than one account on your system.
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#74 Posted by rav84 (29 posts) -

I am liking how everything is organized now for the most part and it all looks much cleaner. Now.... If only I could use the ESPN app; It is no fault of Microsoft that I cannot, but that my ISP is not part of ESPN's network.

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#75 Posted by DougQuaid (1273 posts) -

It's a lot cleaner and snappier.  Netflix is awesome and the Zune app doesn't seem to be completely retarded anymore.  I also tested out the voice chat earlier and it definitely sounds a lot better.   

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#76 Posted by tracerace11 (317 posts) -

I live the new dashboard... jsut one problem I am having....the menu that brings up the updates and downloads is taking forever and a day............

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#77 Posted by natetodamax (19462 posts) -

They totally effed with the voice chat. Talked with a friend today and he and I were both amazed when we discovered that it sounded like we were talking through some old telephones or something. Sounds a bit clearer but it's strange.

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#78 Posted by Brendan (9040 posts) -

I'm lovin it.
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#79 Posted by mfpantst (2654 posts) -

Not me and I'm happy with the ESPN app.  Esp since I have comcast.
so there.

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#80 Posted by linus_south (172 posts) -

 It seems that more people like it then hate it.  I'm really surprised. 
To be fair, I don't hate it entirely.  
I don't like the obscene amount of white when hitting the xbox botton and, save device selection screen. (the new icons are shitty too forr your devices)  
The new achievement icon pop seems funky, i overall dislike all the new sounds. (the kinect tutorial thing is a painful wii rip of music.)  
 (I play on 2 Tv's  1 HD , 1 SD)   
 In SD almost everything looks fine minus the theme  and, your gamerscore / message notifications, the font  is way too damn small.  
I've heard a mixed bag on the games library loading time. Mine took a really long time before and, it seems shorter now but, still takes a while.  
Overall ..  for me it's 70% hate / 30% like 
I hope it grows on me
Thanks for the thoughtful discussion everybody.     

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#81 Posted by NTM (9806 posts) -

It looks nice, it's a little slower though.
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#82 Posted by badwhodo (262 posts) -

it doesn't bother me.  i don't spend enough time on the dashboard to hate it.

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#83 Posted by 40oz_To_Freedom (8 posts) -

besides the fact that my xbox has slowed down a little. the search function in netflix is a welcomed change. Also the movement through the menus is a lot smoother and well designed. 

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