Slim, discs spinning on eject?

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Just bought a used 250 gb slim (yea yea, it's USED), including 4 decent games, controllers and some extras for a really great price. I think I've realized why this seller priced it so low... the discs spin when they are ejected! This probably is why the games he included were slightly scratched. I did some google searches and didn't really find THAT much on this. I think I've decided on the solution to only eject a disc when the system is powered off... that way it is not spinning. Other than that this system seems to run just fine! Anyone else have this problem? If so did you find any fix for it?

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Yeh, try ejecting the disc when the system is powered off.

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Um...this isn't a problem for me. Dunno what to tell ya.

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Yup that is what I decided to do. Was wondering if this problem is indicative of anything worse to come, or if it is related with other Slim problems.

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Try going to the dashboard first before ejecting the disk.

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you can just go to the dashboard and then eject the disc

all my games are installed so the discs only spin for a few seconds when i first put in the game. otherwise the system is quiet and i can take out the game at any time without worry. you have 250 gb so feel free to install your games

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Either it is a sign that the disc drive is dying or it means nothing at all and the xbox will work fine for years to come... that's kind of how these things go unfortunately.

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I have been installing all my games but the discs still are spinning, even when I eject from the dashboard. I guess I'll have to eject from system off, a minor annoyance but that's the price I pay for only spending $130 on this bundle!

Really hope it isn't the disc drive dying but I really wouldn't mind spending a bit down the line to get it fixed (if possible) if I ever have to.

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I actually had a similar problem on one of the early 360 models where discs would be spinning in the tray when ejected. However, mine was accompanied by a horrific grinding noise and repeated disc read failures, so hopefully that's not a preview of what's in store for you.

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I have never heard of that problem, seems strange, but you would probably want to get that fixed so it doesn't ruin your games.

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That's a dying optical drive. I had an old desktop that failed to stop the spindle motor before ejecting, too. Destroyed a DVD full of college pictures, the jerk.

Powering off before ejecting is your best bet if you don't feel like cracking your case and flashing a new drive.

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The spinning discs on eject definitely sound like they are being scratched... which is why the games this seller included in the bundle are probably all slightly scratched. The copy of Gears 3 is the only one that has any problems reading though, and it wont even install plus has a grinding-esque/ strange sound when the game is running (the seller DID mention that this game did have some problems, and will popup an error after 3 or so matches). No biggie, the other games included- Black ops 2, Modern Warfare 3 and Resi 6 all installed and run fine, despite having a uniform circular scratch on each. All my old games install and run fine also, and glad I noticed the problem before ejecting my brand new copy of halo 4! I just need to remember to NEVER eject unless the system is off. This method so far has prevented any damage to my games. Definitely don't want to crack open my case and get a new drive right now, maybe in a few months if anything worsens.

On a side note, not that I necessarily have that much of an interest in playing Gears 3, but I am assuming all would be well if I used a different copy of the game to install to my HDD, then used mine every time I wanted to play?

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@newfire: That'll work fine. Every disc is identical, unlike PC game discs, so as long as you have your copy in the drive it doesn't matter what disc the HDD copy came from.

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i dont have this issue.

if you install your games to your hard drive, your disks wont (and shouldn't) spin.

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Thanks, I think I'll be doing that then .

: I know that discs SHOULDN'T spin once installed, but they still do ONLY when I eject them. For some reason the drive spins the discs when I press eject (either on the hardware or in game). When playing games, everything runs fine with no spinning. From the little info I could find on google it seems that some people report it only happening with certain discs, perhaps only if it is already scratched? I don't know, I'd rather not test that theory on my squeaky clean discs and just use the power-off eject method from now on :D Still I am curious as to what causes this! As it is a used console, there is always the possibility that the previous owner dropped or kicked it or something I guess.

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