What has been Microsoft's best/worst decision so far?

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#51 Posted by Shawn (3842 posts) -

They didn't decide to put hardware faults into their consoles. But I will say it was a bad move to correct the error immediately.

Best move: signing big exclusives

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#52 Posted by BlindEffekt (920 posts) -

Best: Xbox Live
Worst: Launch Consoles

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#53 Posted by Wijeeba (90 posts) -

Best: Online service (definitely worth the $)
Worst: Giving the 360 crappy reliability. My first console RROD'd, and my current one can't read the disc after about an hour on GTA. The disc drive also gets stuck in the console/ spits out the disc nearly every time I use it. I have to wiggle the disc drive around in order to get it in/out. However, I'm too afraid to bring the console in for repair again >.>

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