What Is Currently In Your 360?

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#1 Posted by breadfan (6803 posts) -

Right now Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is in my Xbox 360

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#2 Posted by Subway (982 posts) -

Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

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#3 Posted by BombzAwai (37 posts) -

Rock Band

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#4 Posted by L (1766 posts) -

Got CSI in the drive. For one reason only. ;)

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#5 Posted by DocDaneeka (16 posts) -

Guitar Hero II.

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#6 Posted by Blair (2587 posts) -

Arrested Development: Season 2
Disc 2

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#7 Posted by ThaMilkMan (388 posts) -

Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix in the hard drive GO AKUMA!!!!

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#8 Posted by JeremyB (7 posts) -

GTA 4, not a good idea to play MGS 4 and GTA 4 at the same time( plus PC games). Too many games at once. I think I got burnt out.

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#9 Posted by twenty0ne (3056 posts) -

Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

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#10 Posted by sdodd02 (763 posts) -

cod4, and it's stuck in there cause 360 is dead with 2 lights....

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#11 Posted by lou00 (26 posts) -

The Orange Box

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#12 Posted by Chokobo (1251 posts) -

FEAR, I think.  I haven't touched it in 2 months though and my GF has my box, so probably Beautiful Katamari.

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#13 Posted by JamesF (1546 posts) -


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#14 Posted by JamesF (1546 posts) -


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#15 Posted by lux (129 posts) -


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#16 Edited by Xeros606 (577 posts) -
Zombi said:
same here.
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#17 Posted by daredevil (24 posts) -

Rock Band

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#18 Posted by the9 (109 posts) -

Halo 3, for the reason of using that as a medium to talk to friends. It would be COD4 if one of my friends gets it eventually.

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#19 Edited by Player1 (4166 posts) -

Rock band. My brother had friends over.

Good question

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#20 Posted by Gariom (14 posts) -

Gears of War. Can't wait to get Gold tomorrow to play it online!

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#21 Posted by PaperPlain (253 posts) -

The Goonies DVD. Lulz.

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#22 Posted by C172Driver (71 posts) -

My 360 is broken :(

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#23 Posted by Ma7moud (834 posts) -
Subway said:
"Rainbow Six Vegas 2.
Same here
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#24 Posted by Pikachu (449 posts) -

Madden 07

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#25 Posted by tomance (1128 posts) -

Battlefield: Bad Company.

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#26 Posted by Leon31 (134 posts) -

Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

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#27 Posted by StillAThreat (47 posts) -

Civilization: Revolution

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#28 Posted by ManlyBeast (1234 posts) -

MLB 2k8.

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#29 Posted by Met2609 (635 posts) -

Nothing, perhaps some dust particles.

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#30 Posted by KnightOfNi (69 posts) -

Rock Band

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#31 Posted by Cube (4385 posts) -

Kameo: Elements of Power.

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#32 Posted by Cymatics (97 posts) -

I know some 4400 disc is my HD DVD, not sure what game is in there tho, but I guess Battlefield Bad Company or maybe even that new GH game cold be in there.

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#33 Posted by ElConnro (28 posts) -

Rock Band

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#34 Posted by kama64 (12 posts) -

Battlefield: Bad Company

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#35 Posted by Mr_Bauer (430 posts) -

NCAA Football 09

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#36 Posted by Dr_Feelgood38 (1582 posts) -

Nothing. I was just going through the dashboard and marketplace for like an hour. So I took out the CD. Which just happened to be Rainbow Six Vegas 2

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#37 Posted by OblivionGuy07 (175 posts) -

GTA IV of course

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#38 Posted by atejas (3151 posts) -

Mass Effect

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#39 Posted by Wolverine (4640 posts) -

Halo 3

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#40 Posted by hojufixter (139 posts) -

Burnout Paradise, lovely game

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#41 Posted by JavaFiend (17 posts) -

Oblivion (game of the year edition)

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#42 Posted by cascadianduder (21 posts) -

A slice of turkey......now I need to know who the hell put that in there?

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#43 Posted by BananaHammock (160 posts) -

Battlefield: Bad Company

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#44 Posted by raahsnavj (50 posts) -

Rock Band... or maybe it is Oblivion...  But those are the only two to be in there for about a month now.

One of these days I'm going to get around to Mass Effect.

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#45 Posted by roylink (139 posts) -

Nothing. I been playing XBL games.

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#46 Posted by giyanks22 (2950 posts) -

Battle Field Bad Company

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#47 Posted by roofy (1023 posts) -


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#48 Posted by sLux (18 posts) -

Civilization Revolution :) Love that game.

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#49 Posted by Green_Incarnate (1789 posts) -

Halo 3. Currently forging a Ghostbusters map on foundry.

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#50 Posted by epic_pets (1345 posts) -

Ncaa 09

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