What xbox 360 game should I buy?

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Posted by lun49gameon (252 posts) 3 years, 10 months ago

Poll: What xbox 360 game should I buy? (17 votes)

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West 6%
Final Fantasy 13 0%
Fable 2 0%
Bayonetta 12%
Gears of War 6%
Viva Pinata 0%
Perfect Dark 6%
Forza Horizon 0%
Forza 4 6%
Red Read Redemption 65%

After various years of getting consoles late in the generation I am getting a ps4 during launch. I got a ps1 in late 2003, a ps2 in 2008, and a wii in 2010. For the past two years i have been a pc gamer playing the classics. I decided to buy an xbox 360 and a copy of gta 5 a few weeks ago and I am having so much fun. I also bought fifa 14, halo reach, and I have a copy of la noire that i managed to play half of on a fixed red ring xbox that somebody gave me before it overheated again. So now I am looking at xbox exclusives or even console only games that i can buy. I made a list of some and if you guys have any recommendations feel free to tell me.

edit: have fable 1 on pc but got bored 1 hour in and did not like the mouse controls used. Is Fable 2 a drastic change from the first one?

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  • Red Dead Redemption amazing game, Great Story, GET IT
  • Gears Of War Trilogy, one of the best trilogies this generation,
  • Forza Horizon amazing Racing game you don't even need to like racing games to love it.
  • Fable 2 is a pretty great Fable game, probably the best.

Although i have no clue what games you like here are some 360 games i recommend.

Specifically on Xbox LIVE Arcade, all XBLA games have demos so try them out.

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@bigjeffrey: Thanks for the suggestions! Some of these games I already own but on steam. I bought alan wake when it was 3.99 but never ran it. I also have left 4 dead 2 and the witcher 2 on pc. I had only played halo 1 on pc and it is one of my favorite fps games. I bought reach and am going to get halo 3 for free with the xbox live gold deal.

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Glad someone posted this question because I was wondering what to do with my 360 lately. Not a huge fan of shooters anymore so the big 2 XBox exclusive series don't interest me that much but I got Forza Horizon for $20 recently and that alone just about made my 360 purchase worth it.

And you guys are forgetting Asura's Wrath. The only other incredible console exclusive I can think of that isn't mentioned in this thread or the other. Absolutely must buy the DLC chapters.

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