Which zombies mode will you play first in Black Ops 2?

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I think I'll play survival first to learn the maps and new weapons. Afterwards I'll probably mess around with tranzit for a bit, and finally play some 4Z4.

What about you? Will you play zombies first, or the traditional multiplayer?

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Might want to put this in the Block ops forum.

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@big_jon said:

Might want to put this in the Block ops forum.

I saw "Block Ops" and thought of some kind of combination spy-Tetris puzzle game. Complete with a mature, branching storyline with gray morality and themes of racism and genocide!

Anyway, if I get Black Ops 2 - and I'm feeling the CoD itch, so at some point I will - I'll beat the campaign first. Sorry, I know a lot of people are like "Who the fuck plays CoD for the campaign?" but that's the first thing I do in every game. On the subject of zombies, I didn't even know there was going to be more than one mode of zombies. I thought it would be the same old "Survive, you poor motherfucker!" stuff.

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I've always hated Zombies, so I'll try out the new mods to see if there any good..

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Probably survival.

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