Xbox 360 Hard Drive

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#1 Posted by RadioFlyer (33 posts) -

So my current  360 (the old model) has about a gig and a half left on it, and I'm looking at getting a new one. The main issue is, I don't want to spend a shit ton of money (sub $80 if possible). Amazon is a little rough, and everywhere else only carries the new ones. Help me please!!

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#2 Posted by DrPockets000 (2877 posts) -

I have a 60GB one that I don't use since I upgraded my 360.  I could probably get more from you than from a store or amazon.  PM me and we'll talk.

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#3 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

There was a Woot deal a couple days ago for the 250 GB. Only $50 too. :/

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