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Hey all.  Anyone have tips on the best way to capture clean screenshots from the 360?

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The best way would be to use a cap card so you'd need a cap card and a decent digital signal splitter

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Gotcha!  Any recommendations on actual products for either?  So I can figure out if it's worth it from a pricing stand point.

Thanks again!

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#4 Posted by Charles (103 posts) -

I use my dev kit to get my screens and movies, but try capture card.... HD cards can be pricy.

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I use the Intensity Pro to capture my videos and screenshots. It might be a bit pricey but it's the best along the cheapest HD capture card that I have found. Plus it is in English as there are a few other alternatives that are cheap and good as well (PV3/PV4, MonsterX) but need to acquire them from other countries and usually need to know a friend that lives there (ie. Japan).

The difference between the Pro and just the regular Intensity is that the Pro allows component captures, as I am doing. If you plan on just doing HDMI, then the Intensity is just fine for you ($100 cheaper). Send me a private message if you want to know more about the Intensity Pro and other hardware you may need if you plan on capturing on the computer while playing on your TV at the same time (need an amplifier).

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Also you can use a camcorder, hook it up to your PC, and your Tv and you get a good qulaity.

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You could do what I do. Hook up your 360 to a DVD recorder, record gameplay, and then capture stills of that from the DVD source video. Or you could splurge on a capture card.

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#8 Posted by Wolverine (4640 posts) -

There is a feature built into Halo 3 and Forza to that helps you take screenshots. For other games you could use a capture card.

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The cheap route is a Zazzle

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MsCortana said:
"The cheap route is a Zazzle
A Dazzle?

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