Xbox controller triggers make my fingers hurt

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So I started playing Bastion last night. Great game, but after about 4 hours my left index finger was aching from holding the trigger so much.

Perhaps it was just from trying to get gold on the Bullhead Sheild Proving Ground, but this isn't exclusive to my left finger; it also happens to my right after extended use of that trigger, like in driving games.

Does anyone else share this problem? I couldn't imagine playing, say, Dark Souls--a game that basically requires you to hold the trigger at all times--on the 360 controller.

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#2 Posted by jetsetwillie (882 posts) -

man up. stop crying

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Never had that problem. Do you have bad joints in general or does that kind of thing only happen with the 360 controller.

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#4 Posted by FritzDude (2316 posts) -

You should get the Razer Onza which have some really good triggers that doesn't need hard pushing and holding. And the controller itself is light aswell.

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@FritzDude said:

You should get the Razer Onza which have some really good triggers that doesn't need hard pushing and holding. And the controller itself is light aswell.

I'll vouch for this. It's a pretty decent controller for me. Reviews on the 'net are somewhat mixed, however. Some people cite quality issues after a while.

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#6 Posted by UlquioKani (1410 posts) -

Driving games usually cause this for me. Endurance races on Forza are about an hour and your pretty much holding the right trigger for most of it.

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#7 Posted by deactivated-59a31562f0e29 (1212 posts) -

you hold the bumper in dark souls not the trigger. just ... for the record.

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#8 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -


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#9 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

You'll get used to it.
Whenever I get back into a MMO my fingers go through several days of 'Goddamnit woman play a normal game'ius before I'm used to it (again).

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#10 Posted by Dingofighter (1878 posts) -

Change your grip maybe? 
Middle fingers on the triggers and index on bumpers.

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#11 Posted by ssj4raditz (1156 posts) -

Maybe you need to do some finger-strength exercises?

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#12 Posted by Dunchad (723 posts) -

Yeah, I usually can't play long stretches with a controller. Though it depends a lot on how much activity is required. Bastion did cause me some aches (though I did play it through in one sitting) and another bad one is Super Meat Boy.

But, for example, I play Skyrim with a controller and can't recall having any issues.

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#13 Posted by laserbolts (5506 posts) -

Stop being a pussy might help.

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Just takes some time to adjust.

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#15 Posted by TheCreamFilling (1235 posts) -

I've never noticed it happening to me, but holding a PS3 controller for like twenty minutes makes my hands hurt. Bad ergonomics, I think.

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#16 Posted by MayorFeedback (685 posts) -

I've been using Xbox controllers forever (I still really like those huge original system ones, too, I'm weird) and I'm used to them, but I got my first PS3 a couple weeks ago and while the PS3 controller was weird at first, now the Xbox controller feels goddamn massive and heavy.

Anyway, the key to your problem is in the following words of your post: FOUR HOURS. Four hours straight of holding a controller is going to hurt your hands. Take breaks, don't play for so long at once.

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#17 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

This happens to me depending on my posture. On the couch where I'm sitting back, I'm fine. But in front of my PC where I'm leaning forward, my fingers and wrists get sore after a while.

I can't play Super Meat Boy for more than about 20 minutes because I grip the controller harder 'cause that game is FRUS-TRATING.

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#18 Posted by Evilsbane (5601 posts) -

Nope love the 360 controller best one ever made imho, but 4 hours straight on anything is going to cause some discomfort take a break man!

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I like the 360 triggers more then the PS3s because my big fat fingers don't roll off of the concave triggers like they do the convex ones.

In terms of finger pain, I usually don't pull down all the way on triggers. Try feathering them a bit more, you know just a quick tap. I know that doesn't work for driving games, but it made me better at Bastion.

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#20 Posted by zudthespud (3325 posts) -

I find the ps3 controller hurts my fingers more because they keep slipping on the convex triggers. 

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#21 Posted by mikeeegeee (1638 posts) -

@EVO: Thought I'd contribute something constructive:

Loading Video...

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Know what does do it to me, those trigger add-ons for the PS-3 controller. they have some odd edges underneath that scrape after a while. Gotten to the point I haven't put them on my newest PS-3 controller. The 360 controller is nice the ps-3 controller not bad.

Getting both finger dexterity and some muscle even isn't bad for me at all. I do have some arthritis (I believe) in my left middle finger that at times is an irritant

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#23 Posted by DarthOrange (4194 posts) -

Your user name is blue so I assume its something people used to dual shock feel. While playing Bully on the 360 I had the hardest time playing the Music class and that's just hitting the triggers in rhythm. Just get used to it. Bully is actually a wonderful game to get you antiquated with the 360 controller as all it is are minigames pressing buttons. It helps you learn the placement without having to look down and eventually you get used to it. Although if your still having pain just plug in an arcade stick and play with that.

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@EVO: if youre in the market for a new controller, i recommend the razer onza, it takes time to get used to but the triggers are REALLY nice AND it costs as much as a regular controller (heres a pic)

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I find the PS3 pad painful to use because of the design. The analogue triggers are horrible and the sticks themselves cause your fingers to slip.

Never had any problem with the 360 pad, past the d-pad.

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Not really. My problem is with the PS3 controller triggers, it's hard to keep them down for a long time, when they're pressed down, it's angled so you slip off easily.

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I use my index fingers for L/RB & my middle fingers for the triggers like a normal person.

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If you're still experiencing sore hands check out his website:

Man, that don't even sound right...

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