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Is it possible to link your gamertag to a newer email adress? or are you stuck with that email adress when using the gamertag? I haven't used said adress in years but I used it once to create an xbox live account, problem is it has now been shut down because it's virus infested and I can't access it anymore because someone changed the password and I can't prove the adress is mine (I tried recovering it via microsoft). All of this bothers me because the achievements aren't listed on giantbomb anymore and they'll never be again, so my question is, is it possible to link your gamertag to a new email adress? i'm confused, ah well it's not the end of the world but it's a shame, i like the feature

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thanks for the link, unfortunately it says you still have to confirm your old email with a password, and i don't have it since it has been changed by some asshole.

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Check that same link and look at the "Switch your gamertag to a different Live ID" section. You need your Windows Live ID password which is not the same as your email password unless it is a hotmail account.

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It should be possible as I did it about a year or longer ago to stop using my old hotmail account (which wasn't active anymore, other then for Xbox live, the mail past didn't work). So even if your mail account doesn't work anymore you should be able to switch. I am not sure if I had to call support or could do it somewhere online anymore however. But it is possible.

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