Adjust Number of Volume Up/Down Levels

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Hi Duders

Allegedly with this new firmware update we are able to control the number of volume levels that "Xbox, Volume Up/Down" should raise/lower. I received the firmware update yesterday and was able to do the controller update as well. No indication of where that Volume setting is though. Anyone else having different luck?


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Having to intuit things since I don't use cable and thus can't even use the settings linked to it at all, I'd say the volume settings you're talking about would be in that section of the settings on the system or even in the TV app itself, the OneGuide. Check that out for a bit hopefully you can specific the increments that the voice command uses.

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@vmehnert In the Settings app, go to TV & OneGuide settings, then Troubleshooting, then Audio, and finally the Volume change setting. It is pretty buried.

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