Anyone else having problems due to the size of the kinect 2?

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I just got home from picking up my Xbox One from Best Buy.

After setting everything up, I realized that the Kinect 2, or One, or whatever it is. (The new kinect), is so large that it blocks about a quarter inch of the bottom of my 46" TV from the angle I sit at (The TV is above eye level, and my chair reclines to make me look dead on to it). Even when looking at it straight on, the kinect is literally slightly taller then the bottom part of the bezel of my TV.

Since there's no way to place it on top of the TV (and my WiiU's sensor bar + PS4 camera is already taking up this spot) based off the stand configuration, it seems like I'm probably going to have to ignore all of the kinect camera bits and place it behind the TV, so I can at least use it for voice commands, if at all.

This makes me sad, because from hearing the guys talk about it it seems greatly improved, although they mostly talked about voice commands, so I guess using it as a mic-only device won't be too bad. Although now Jeff has mentioned he's run into issues with even voice commands on his tumblr

Am I alone in this? Has anyone else run into this issue?

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My TV does rise about it, but until I put everything in place I am now realising just how big the Kinect is.

This will certainly be an issue for many tbh.

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@eujin: I don't own a Xbones myself, but I could see this being a problem for a lot of people. That thing is fucking huge.

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I thought about this a few weeks ago when attaching up a new TV.

I consider myself luck because it sits flush with my bezel

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How about placing the Kinect to the side? From what I've read the camera is able to pick up people from a pretty wide angle so it shouldn't be a problem to have the camera sitting next to your TV.

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@isomeri: with my TV setup, it sits on a shelf above my monitor in my corner desk, so all I have to do is look up from my PC monitor to see the TV. Unfortunately, to the sides of the TV are my left front and my right front surround speakers, so I don't really have enough space to place it anywhere. It also needs to be tilted down to see me, so I don't know if it will work.

I have tested now, and voice commands do work still even when it's sitting behind the TV. Which is a silly thing to have to do, but at least it's not useless. I'll see if I can't figure out something else to deal with it. I wish it had some sort of hook stand like the playstation camera, then I could just place it on top of my monitor instead.

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