Anyone switch their PS4 preorder to an Xbox One?

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I liked the comparision of killzone 4 to titanfall. Clearly titanfall looks like the better game, but it isn't a launch game. So saying you don't like ps4's launch lineup and than saying titanfall looks great doesn't make sense. I'm still leaning towards ps4, cause of psn plus. I have had my plus account for nearly 2 years and love games I've gotten from it. This will give a chance to have games on my ps4 without having to buy launch games I really don't want. I haven't preordered anything and don't really plan to, this is likely to be my last console and I'm going to go out and hunt it down on launch day for the fun of it.

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@sergio: Pretty much what the chart states and the fact that so many of those exclusives are also JRPGs, which mostly don't come out on the 360 OR the PC, means that I'll get a PS4.

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I haven't pre-ordered either because I'm broke but if I pre-ordered a PS4 I would never switch for an Xbox One. I don't want to waste my time dealing with Microsoft's bullshit.

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MS can suck it!

PS4 all the way for me.

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I'm gonna stick with my gaming PC and maybe a ps4 sometime down the line.. The Xbox One holds no appeal for me whatsoever.

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Xbox always had the reputation for having all the children and idiots playing on xbox live. The Playstation community was supposed to be better. Don't really know firsthand because I only speak to people I know in games.

The forums seems to be the opposite. It's literally overrun with Sony kids losing their minds.

Don't really understand the Microsoft hate but I can understand the psychology of the outspoken Playstation fans on Internet forums. They are infinitely worse.

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Who says any of that? I don't think there are any posts or threads on GB claiming on fanbase is more or less mature over the other. In fact a lot believe that fanboys just make things miserable.

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I specifically pre-ordered an Xbox One instead of a PS4 because I fucking hate internet mobs.

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I can't justify getting bother systems right away.

I'lll get the PS4 first and the XB1 after it's first price drop likely.

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I just wish there weren't a hundred of these posts a day.

"Hey... hey guys... is what I'm thinking correct?"

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@shoey920 said:

I specifically pre-ordered an Xbox One instead of a PS4 because I fucking hate internet mobs.

Great reasoning! More than the games, the policies, the hardware, or the price, the internet mobs are the real dealbreaker.

What do you want the console for really? Making a public statement?

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No, Halo was one of the few things that could've made me purchase X1, but since it's nothing but a memory of it's original trilogy choice was quite easy.

Plus I live in Europe, I won't be paying the same amount of money for XBL to get less features than others. It pissed me off how MS was introducing new features to XBL such as Rewards, XBLIndie etc and I got excited until I found out "Not available in your country".

Godspeed OP, I hope you won't end up regretting your purchase.

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@houseofballoons said:

Other than the $100 difference between the two consoles, I don't think there is too much of a reason for me to go ahead and purchase the PS4. Seriously, how much better are the graphics going to be on the PS4? With all the things Microsoft is going to implement with their cloud tech, I only see that gap closing in the near future.

Edited for typos.

That 100 dollars is a pretty big reason for me not to buy an Xbox One right from the start. Microsoft is trying to push that Kinect stuff to the gamers at any cost.

So far Microsoft hasnt really given the gamers any reason why Kinect is an essential purchase when it comes to playing games. I dont personally really care about dance games or sports games and as we know Kinect really isnt that useful for any other type of games out there.

The reason why Microsoft is pushing Kinect is of course because it wants to get the people who watch tv. Kinect is an ideal way to gather information on our watching habits which Microsoft can then sell to advertisers for profit.

As was the case with bluray in PS3 Microsoft is wanting us gamers to foot the bill for a product that is clearly aimed at the people who dont play games.

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Why the hell would I? Sony is starting to looking like the Steam of the consoles. With some of the sales they have it's almost a none issue for me to jump ship over to the PS4. My 360 has served me well for years but the Playstation Network just has more to offer and I think will only become bigger offering more content.

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