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So I just got an Xbox One again, after getting out of the console game for a while. I realized, I left 60 bucks unused on my Microsoft Account. What combo of fun game should I grab?

Preface: I already have Witcher 3.

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Also, I'm new to the forums, so sorry if this isn't the place to post.

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#3 Posted by JohnLocke (677 posts) -

What genres are you interested in, or maybe a better question, could you name some of your favourite games from other consoles so we can get an idea of what to suggest.

A couple that spring to mind from me are Stardew Valley (a farm/social/dungeon game, sounds dull but is super relaxing and fun to play, when it sinks its teeth into you, you will be hooked). Another being Hitman that came out on retail disk today (but is also on the digital store as a season pass type deal), I have yet to play it but have a look at the content on this site to get a feel for the game.

But, these are things on my radar/things I have been playing, I would say give us some ideas what you like and we can move on from there.

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#4 Posted by Hunkulese (4008 posts) -

Not enough information. There are hundreds of great games on the Xbox outside of Witcher 3. You already had an Xbox before? Have you played the exclusives? Have you been playing console games on a PS4?

Most of the exclusives are good to great. Sunset Overdrive is great and cheap. Forza Horizon 3 is great and not so cheap. Halo 5 might be great. Some people think it's the best multiplayer Halo has ever had, but the campaign isn't great. Gears 4 is great. Dead Rising 4 is okay. Ori is awesome.

Also, look into EA Access. It's a pretty great deal and you get access to a bunch of good games.

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#5 Posted by liquiddragon (1699 posts) -

Sounds like you haven't been gaming in a while? Metal Gear Solid V, Doom

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I don't know what you like, but I know what I like! :)

Killer Instinct is getting new updates in February. It's arguably my favorite Xbox One game. The Master Chief Collection is a huge bang for your buck. Sunset Overdrive is cheap. I'm just thinking of stuff you can't get anywhere else per se. Forza and Gears, always great to pick up and play.

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#7 Posted by Dispossession (83 posts) -

I would add Superhot to the mix as well. It's fun, and I don't think it's on PS4.

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#8 Posted by HopperCity (2 posts) -

Oh yea, sorry. So, In the past I've enjoyed any RPG stuff, puzzlers, or just story/adventure games with a good twist. I mostly just listen to the Bombcast to keep up with comings-and-goings in the past few years, and have been interested in a lot of the indie games they've talked about, but my internet isn't great, so multiplayer is kind've out.

Thanks for the help guys/girls.

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#9 Posted by Muntic0re (32 posts) -

Hitman and Doom

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