Competitive Games for Office Xbox One

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Our office just recently installed an Xbox One, and as a PS4/PC gamer, I'm unfamiliar with Xbox's "couch competitive" games. I'd like to branch out our office out of the typical FIFA / Madden / NBA 2K platforms (not that there's anything wrong with those) - something along the lines of Nidhogg.

What are some of the best Xbox couch competitive or co-op games out there?


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I too am wondering the same! Overcooked looks like it would be real fun!

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection is perfect for split screen play, and the online works ok if you want to get a few rounds on XBox Live.

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# IDARB? Videoball? Starwhal? Killer Instinct? Knight Squad?

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The Jackbox Party Pack would probably be a great fit for an office.

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Thanks for the suggestions. My guess is it'll be Videoball, Halo: MCC and Jackbox. My office isn't exactly filled with gamers, so those should be the easiest for them to pick up quickly.

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Castle Crashers was remastered and released for XB1 as well

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Rocket League is great and can be played splitscreen.

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...what kind of office do you work in?

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NBA Street Vol 2.

Oh wait. EA hasn't done an NBA Street since PS2.

Get it together, EA.

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Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime looks like a cool coop game.

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@oldmanlight: Rocket league is perfect - hadn't realized it came out on Xbox yet.

@justin258: It's a fairly run of the mill corporate office. I'm probably the youngest or 2nd youngest person here (@ 27), and if the games turn into a source of contention the system will no doubt get taken away.

I should also mention there's talk about getting Rock Band.

I'll have to spring for a fighting game too: either MKX or DiveKick.

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