Do you use a surge protector when plugging in your Xbox One?

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Actually, this goes for any console, but when it comes to the Xbox One and the S and X, I've read that you're not supposed to plug them into a surge protector because the consoles already have their own. It says that if you do plug them into a surge protector, it'll not work properly as there isn't a sufficient amount of power. I put all my electronics (aside from the controller rechargers or cell phone chargers) into a surge protector. With the original Xbox I didn't really have any issues, and with the X, I don't either, but I have noticed that after a few boot ups from the instant-on, which is what I've always used, the dashboard can go quite slow.

I don't know if that's due to the surge protector 'issue' or just the console. Anyone know what's ideal? This is relatively old news, but one I'm curious about now as I think about it. Microsoft on their webpage at one point stated: Because the console has a built-in surge protector, you should not connect it to an external surge protector. If you connect the console to another surge protector, the console cannot reach the full power that is needed for optimal performance. When some websites took notice of it and started posting about it, Microsoft quickly removed it from what I understand, so I am confused.

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Eh, I'm just going to keep it plugged into a surge protector.

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I plug my Xbox One X into a surge protector. I put everything in a surge protector apart from a liquid air-freshener, which needs to stay upright.

I have noticed a bit of a slow down on the dashboard and store recently, even with a solid internet connection. It only seems to happen for a minute or two after booting up, but still a little frustrating.

Just Googled it myself, to double check, and found this. Definitely going to test it for a few days and see if there's a difference.

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No. It apparently has something built-in anyhow.

Funny story, my Xbox had one of the preferences option vanish on me. I think it was related to video...I checked my son’s Xbox (same model, same software update) and his was there.

Hard boot. Factory reset. Remove usb devices. Check for software updates. Hard boot. Factory reset. Etc.

I called MS and they had me repeating this shit for well over an hour.

We were about to call it quits when the rep said “this will sound weird, but are you using a surge protector?” I laughed at the idea, but we removed it, hard booted, and the option was back under settings.

Super weird.

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i've always used surge protectors

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Is surge protector American for something I'm not familiar with? I thought that was in the meter box with your circuit breakers and whatnot

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@rccola: It's not a part of your house. It's these. I'm guessing you have one? It's useful for plugging in a bunch of stuff. I mean, that's not the only thing it does obviously, but it's why I like them, ha ha.

@the_greg: Yeah, I saw that page before making this thread. Tell me how it goes and if anything is different.

@nutter: Hmm. Aside from the dashboard on the X being kind of slow from time to time when it starts up (making me have to restart the console for it to be fast again), there hasn't been any issues. I don't know. Maybe I really should try it out.

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@ntm: My dash is slow when I’m low on disk. I don’t know if they use extra storage for vRAM or something...

I had a 4TB drive hooked up for a while and my dashboard was snappy. On an X without an external drive, it gets slow still.

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@nutter: Hmm, I'm only about 40 percent full. I take off all the games I don't play and reinstall them later.

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Yes. Always Be Surge Protecting. It's plugged into a low profile Monster flatscreen surge protector thing, because I accidently bought the same thing twice, and then that thing is plugged into another surge protector! Had lightning hit a tree behind a house once and fry everything on that side of the house once so I try to plug everything that can be into a surge protector.

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@uhtaree: Maybe I read that wrong, but are you saying you plug one surge protector into another? I do know you're not supposed to do that.

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@ntm:Yeah lol. Should I not do that? It's been like that for a year and a half probably and I haven't seen any issues.

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I expect as a responsible maker of electronics that Microsoft's products are not incompatible with surge protectors, considering they are in use in pretty much all households.
Every mains adapter i use is surge protected, i'm aware than you can buy ones that arn't protected but i've never had a need to use one, most come protected as standard and it's not like there's a substantial price difference.

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@nutter: That's very weird. Can't be a coincidence. I'm very intrigued by all of this and need to test for myself.

@ntm: I'll do it this evening and report back when/if I see any improvements.

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@ntm: So...I have games I’m playing, games my kid will want to play with me, games my friends might want to play....It’s also holding 4k versions of games, so even with no multiplayer, Master Chief Collection is nearly 80GB. Destiny 2 is also huge (my friends are trying to get back into it). I think Gears 4 is over 100GB.

It adds up. My PS4 is basically just there for PS4 exclusives, and I’ve dropped my PS+ subscription, so my hard disk situation over there is much more managable. It’s some Yakuza stuff, Fire Pro, and maybe PT at the moment.

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@uhtaree: To elaborate a bit:

The issue isn't so much the doubling up of surge protection. Most modern devices and surge protectors have no issue with this.

The issue is more that you are likely overloading your outlets/circuits. A given outlet (really a given circuit, but let's keep it simple) is only rated for so much power draw. If you daisy chain surge protectors there is a high probability you are plugging in more devices than you should and the power draw is increased. Best case scenario is you trip a breaker and have to go find that box to flip it back. Worst case scenario is you start a fire and burn down your home (and possibly your neighbors).

In a perfect world: Understand how much load you put on any circuit and act accordingly. To keep it simple: One surge protector/power strip per outlet and only plug in as many devices as you have plugs. And understand that stuff like Microwaves have MUCH higher power draw than basically anything else.

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Wow wish you wrote down what video setting it was. So weird. I can imagine “instant on” start or something not working, but like RGB Full or 24p Hz not working cause of a surge protector is crazy.

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I keep everything on a surge protector, apart from major kitchen appliances and some lamps throughout the house. I'll have to test this out and see if it makes a difference. I just always thought the dashboard was slow because it's a slow dashboard.

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Right. I've been playing with my Xbox One X plugged straight into the wall for about a week now.

Could be coincidental, but I've seen an improvement. Last week I was getting a little frustrated with some slowing down on the dashboard and store. Since I plugged it into the wall, this has not been happening.

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So a circuit breaker doesn't protect you from power surges? I use surge protectors cause i lack a few power outlets. I didn't even now they where not recommended.

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@soulcake: Same here. I just use them for extra sockets. I work in telecoms and we provide surge protectors with phone systems to prevent destruction of expensive kit. Not sure how it's different to the fuse in the plug, but our engineers recommend them.

That article posted above does say the Xbox is better straight into the wall though, and I have noticed a difference.

Maybe someone techy can shine some light on this.

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Is this a North American thing by any chance? I'm European, and while I know of the concept of surge protectors, I've never heard of anyone using them regularly, except for particular appliances which are very vulnerable or something. Also, I thought most modern electronics came with something this like built in.

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@dudacles: I'm in the UK. Most people just use them for additional sockets.

I think most devices do come with protection built in, but I didn't think that placing a surge protector between the device and the mains would affect performance.

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@the_greg: Alright. I'll try it out then. One question though, do you have anything else plugged into the wall above or below the Xbox One, or does that even matter?

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@ntm: Sockets are side-by-side in the UK, but yes. The other one has a surge protector plugged into it.

I can't imagine that it matters.

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All my extension cables have surge protectors built in and the cable on the Xbox is pretty short so it would be pretty much impossible for me to stick it straight into a wall socket.

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I've always had all my stuff on surge protectors, but after losing a bunch of electronics seven years back from a lightning strike, I kinda feel like they're mostly least if you're unfortunate enough to land a direct hit. (Lost two tvs, a satellite receiver, a speaker, my gamecube, and a stand up freezer) The best thing to do, if you truly want protection, is to unplug your shit (outside of appliances) every time a storm crops up and when you're away from home. It's annoying, but it's worth it.

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