Does anyone know how to stop the Auto Dim?

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I recently picked up an Xbox One for my parents, they were interested in some of the fitness things via Kinect (great timing I know) and it allowed them to move their Roku to their bedroom. However yesterday they called to tell me after watching something for roughly 10 minutes the screen would automatically dim and wouldn't go away until they touched the controller.

Now I thought surely that is just a power saving/screen saver setting hidden somewhere in the settings I could turn off, but now it seems after a little googling that may not be the case.

Judging by a reddit post and an Xbox suggestion site I fell into this is apparently how it is and how it's always been? I am struggling to believe this as surely that makes any type of media basically unwatchable on the Xbox One in comparison to any other device that could play said media.

I am being stupid right? There has got to be a way around it surely?

I plan on going round to see them toward the end of the week to have a look at it but I thought I would ask to see if anyone here had managed a work around?

Thanks for any help.

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It definitely shouldn't be happening after 10 minutes. I don't get the dimming during Blu-Ray or Netflix movies, but I haven't really tried any other video sources on the console.

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It was happening to me for a while, then they seemed to fix it. Now it is doing it again, specifically right now while watching a guick look on YouTube.

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Here's what you have to do in order to fix the dimming issue on Xbox One:

1. Settings

2. All Settings

3. System

4. Console Info & Updates

5. Reset Console

6. Reset and Keep My Games & Apps

You will have to log back in, set up your wireless network again, select your time zone, etc. but you won't lose any of your games, downloads, saves, or any other data. Once you completed the setup process once again it will fix the problem.

Hope this helped

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#5 Posted by BigSocrates (1802 posts) -

I don't know how to fix the problem but I can confirm that my Xbox does not dim while it is playing media. I think it might dim if the media is paused, but not during active playback.

I know this isn't super helpful but I just wanted to say it's not a universal problem.

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I have had it happen sometime where it dims on start up or if the Xbox One just freaks out - it never used to happen when I got the Xbox One (basically near launch), but probably for the past 6 months. It doesn't happen to me with any regularity and has not happened to me when playing games. For me I just turn it off and on again (the number 1 IT solution) and that fixes it. Would be a pain if it happened regularly though.

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