FIFA 14 only free for pre-orders in "Tier 1" countries

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This is a great chance for MS to get the ball rolling in Europe but sadly the Tier 2 countries will not receive Fifa according to Neo-gaf.

"Microsoft are being confusing as usual. Not sure if this has been specified on GAF, but FIFA 14 will only come with pre-orders of Xbox One in the 13 countries that the console will launch in in 2013. The other countries, which will get Xbox One in 2014, will not be getting FIFA 14 with their pre-order. Those who pre-ordered the console before August 20 will get two AAA games (not sure which, though they're not Kinect games), however those who pre-order the console now will not get any games for free with their system, at least nothing has been announced for now.

Makes no sense. As usual."

It has also been confirmed by Eurogamer Sweden

"There will be no free football feast for those who purchase an Xbox One in Sweden.

Microsoft has previously gone out with the statement that a copy of FIFA 14 will accompany the console when it is released in November , but failed to specify whether this also applies launch here in Sweden next year. But now Microsoft has confirmed to us at Eurogamer that the offer is only valid for the 13 countries where Xbox One released this fall."

The countries who are in Tier 2 will receive a game for the delay but will not receive a free copy of Fifa 14

In my opinion this would have been the best incentive to tell the European countries in Tier 2 to pre order the X1 and get Fifa 14 plus another game but it doesn't look like that is happening.

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Oh well, I didn't want Fifa 14 anyway. But still a bad move Microsoft, this could've kept some people holding out for the Xbox One in the "tier 2" countries, but alas...

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Not surprising, the investment in giving out free copiers of FIFA beyond the initial launch pre-orders could be pretty costly. I'm sure MS could foot the bill, I just question whether it would be worth it to them.

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It's not like most major European countries are't getting Fifa thuogh. Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Scotland, England, Ireland, and Spain will have Fifa for free. Other countries will get two free games on launch. I don't see anything wrong with that.

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Curious to see what they think would offset the undoubtedly sizable delay in the rest of europe, though. Better be something good if they don't want this all to seem like a massive F U to us third-worlders in the unimportant parts of the world -_-.

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@xyzygy: After yesterdays news of PS4 launching in 32 markets and most of Europe i don't see how MS can regain the trust of those markets which they will lose in Tier 1.

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@jimmyfenix: I don't think it's a matter of trust. This is a business thing. I'm sure that if they were able to they would do a worldwide release, and I'm sure Sony would too. But unfortunately there are things that make that not possible. I don't know what they are and I imagine it's a lot of commercial/culture/language/marketing/etc business differences, but you're acting like MS isn't releasing in certain regions just to spite those regions.

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So countries where everyone has sick ZZ Top beards?

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