How Chris Charla and Xbox are courting indie developers

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Game Informer: How Microsoft Is Courting Indie Developers

I still remember the Death Jr. guys. Its a shame that it eventually died out.

Anyway, it seems that Xbox is looking into definitely solving the discoverability issue. I hope we won't have to wait around a year to seem solid fruits out of this.

And Below looks so fucking dope! Just crazy zoomed out, and purdy.

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I was expecting this to be a picture of a pile of money, with Ben Franklin's face replaced by the Xbox logo.

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I still think Below looks so awesome. Its almost like Swords and Sworcery, but it doesn't seen abstract with the protagonist. If anything he looks like a gnome, or Swedish guy with a hat.

I dunno. And Cobalt still looks pretty cool. I'm hoping we get to see a solid 20 IDX games come out very near launch. Actually, it'd be pretty cool if they could do like a Humble Bundle thing, where you buy like 4 games for a name your price, or you get like all 9 games for $8 dollars, or something. We could see more strange and awesome price models come out with this new generation. I think its pretty cool, I dunno.

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