Is the XBone controller better than the XB360?

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#51 Edited by tourgen (4568 posts) -

It's worse than the 360 controller. The shape and size are not good and a step back in terms of cramping my hand. The bumpers are bad. But the real killer are the analog sticks. I think I actually prefer the old dual-shock sticks over these things. They're really bad.

I was hoping for a step up and was going to bring it over to my PC. After using it a few days I'm definitely sticking with 360 controllers on the PC.

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#52 Posted by Hosstile17 (841 posts) -

I like the Xbox One controller a lot. In some ways I wish the springs were a little more resistant on the Xbox One controller. But, other than that I think the thumbsticks are fantastic. Gone are the days of substantial deadzones and controller drift. It isn't quite as good as the PS4 controller. But, that Xbox One controller is pretty fantastic.

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#53 Posted by fibabanchi (77 posts) -

Feels the same apart from the sticks making my thumbs a little sore

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#55 Edited by SuperSambo (3118 posts) -

To me, no. RB and LB are horrendous on the Xbox One controller. It seems designed well, thought a bit small for big hands, but the bumper buttons are a huge oversight.

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@vuud said:

@jesushammer: the OG Xbox controller is still the best. It convinced me that it was possible to play shooters without a mouse.

No Caption Provided

If it's good enough for Covie-Killin'...

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#57 Posted by Palmlykta (276 posts) -

Overall I like it. It's nice, but not the same revelation that the DS4 was compared to the DS3.

Judging from the click noises the dpad makes, it seems to be 'true' 8-directional digital input now rather than the analog swivel solution of the 360 version. I haven't opened up the One controller though, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

I fucking love the triggers, moreso than the DS4 triggers even.

The only real bummer is the bumpers, as many other have pointed out, they are a blatant downgrade from the 360 controller.

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#58 Posted by notnert427 (1764 posts) -

Everything except the bumpers is an improvement, IMO. I don't find myself slipping off the sticks at all, and there isn't a trigger better than on the X1 controller. If only they'd put the 360 controller's bumpers on there....

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#59 Posted by otoboke (64 posts) -

I'm about 50/50 on it. I like the overall feel and aesthetic better. The face buttons are less mushy, the D-pad is an all-around improvement (even over the special chrome editions they did) and the triggers feel great.

That said, like others, I prefer the bumpers on the 360. I also prefer the larger and more rigid analogue sticks.

If given a choice though, I would probably pick up the X1 controller over the 360. The bumpers are (most of the time) a non-issue as they are rarely used for critical inputs, and the analogue sticks are more of a personal preference, born mostly out of using the 360 controller and only the 360 controller for eight years.

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#60 Posted by iceman228433 (743 posts) -

No that is the problem I really can't stand using the Xbox one controller, and I loved the 360 controller, maybe it is just because of how good the ps4 controller is that it has ruined all others for me now.

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#61 Posted by Rowr (5861 posts) -

Seems fine, the bumpers don't click properly in the region most central to the controller though which I find pretty annoying.

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#62 Posted by Bones8677 (3512 posts) -

I held a display XBONE controller briefly at a Walmart. I immediately hated it, the analog sticks were made of some hard plastic with hard uncomfortable ridges around the brim. If it hadn't been attached to the display I would have dropped the damn thing.

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#63 Edited by Corevi (6795 posts) -

If you are looking for a PC controller I would go with the PS4 one, it just feels higher quality, and you can even use the touchpad as your mouse.

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#64 Posted by crusader8463 (14757 posts) -

I played with the X-Box 3 controller at a Futureshop and it felt really nasty and uncomfortable to handle. Meanwhile the PS4 one felt super nice. I think the X-Box 3 controller is a step backwards compared to the 360.

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#65 Posted by Lnin0 (192 posts) -

Xbox One controller has better analog sticks, stick resistance, trigger and bumper design, d-pad and positioning of the battery pack as well as the back/start buttons. The controller seems to be made of better materials as well. I would give a negative to the proprietary mic jack. I also have two controller and they have a small amount of flex in the hand rests. I don't think it is a problem with the materials or build quality as much as it is the shape. The hand pieces on the 360 controller come to a more rounded end, where on the One they are slightly more pointed. I think this design doesn't allow the front and back of the controller to lock together as tightly as the 360s so you can feel a tiny bit of flex.

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#66 Posted by cogbert (28 posts) -

Just bought one to use on PC. The bumpers and sticks are awful. I wish there was better support for the DS4 on pc. That is a great controller.

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#67 Posted by abara (235 posts) -

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills reading all the negative posts here. this controller is so much fucking better

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#68 Edited by Entreri10 (581 posts) -

I really loved my 360 controller but I definitely prefer my Xbox one controller, for me it just fits in my hands more comfortably.

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#69 Posted by TheHumanDove (2520 posts) -

It seemed mostly the same to me. Maybe slightly better feel

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#70 Posted by Bremaine (62 posts) -

I played with the controller for a bit, and the only problems I had was that the analog sticks are a bit smaller, and I would prefer them to be a tad bit bigger like they are on the 360's. Once I get the Xbox one, I'll get used to the controller.

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#72 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1427 posts) -

I still find it slightly awkward to hit the shoulder buttons because of the way they don't work if you hit them further up, so I still am sometimes letting off of them when I don't mean to and stuff like that. The analog sticks feel better especially when I was using a Xbox 360 pad on my PC which felt instantly decades older... such a weird thing cause it seemed perfectly fine the week before but as soon as I was using that new hotness all of a sudden the old and busted surely felt busted.

The d-pad is usable, which is great considering how junk the past one was. Not a lot of PC games use it because the last one was junk though so I haven't really been using the new one either :S In time it will get used more I'm sure, ,maybe for better things than radial menu hotkeys like the d-pad is used for now.

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#73 Edited by FlashFlood_29 (3766 posts) -

Everything better except shoulder buttons. Those bumpers are terrible. They marshy rather than clicky.

D-pad is colicky for great input response, sticks are tightened up, triggers are rumble. There ya go

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#74 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

Yeah, in every single way. Somehow they managed to improve on the best controller of all time.

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#75 Posted by htiawe (28 posts) -

It feels good, a bit too small fo rmy hands but otherwise alright. But what is up with the range of that thing? With the 360 controller i could wander around in the apartment during level loads while talking to party members but now i can barely move from the couch before it looses contact. Why move from RF to Bluetooth if its such a downgrade?

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#76 Posted by ripelivejam (11956 posts) -

@cogbert said:

Just bought one to use on PC. The bumpers and sticks are awful. I wish there was better support for the DS4 on pc. That is a great controller.

was considering a ds4 to replace my 360, is it really that bad? i thought the computer recongized it right away? also i would suppose you could use something like x360ce to make sure it works. i did have problems with a 3rd party ps3 controller and Dark Souls, so maybe there's similar issues with the ds4. eh i have one available to me so maybe i should just try it. damn my laziness!

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#77 Posted by monetarydread (2829 posts) -

@htiawe: The goal was to reduce latency from the controller to the system. I wish I could remember the exact numbers, but I remember seeing that it was a noticeable reduction in lag.

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#78 Posted by AndrewB (7815 posts) -

Nice weight. Better thumbsticks (the grooved rubber, slightly smaller tops, smaller dead zone, and overall more accurate feel). Some of those same principles carry over to the triggers, plus if a game ever wanted to take advantage of the trigger rumble, there's that. I also like the feel of the rumble much better, which is too subjective a thing to put as a plus for everyone, though wasn't the better rumble a touted feature of the controller? Finally, on the PC side, the controller actually shuts itself off instead of needing to remove the battery tray.

As for the shoulder bumpers, they aren't any better or worse as far as I can tell. The only problem with them is just that they're *different*, and that difference is jarring for someone so used to the 360 controller. It didn't take long for me to get used to them after forcing myself away from the 360 pad between playing Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 (I didn't want to switch mid-game because so much of those games becomes about getting the feel down).

On the cons side, no wireless currently. Needing to be tethered when using a controller really brings me back to a period I haven't experienced since Wavebird and it just feels wrong.

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#79 Posted by cogbert (28 posts) -

@ripelivejam: the PC will recognize a ds4 but not every game will see it. There are work arounds but for me it wasn't worth the hassle.

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#80 Posted by big_jon (6450 posts) -

I like the shape and the triggers more, also the weight and the D pad, but it feels cheap, and the thumbsticks are too lose for me.

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#81 Posted by htiawe (28 posts) -

@monetarydread: really? I didnt know that, i never had any problems with latency on the 360 but i guess its for the better. Wish my controllers would stop dropping connection with the console tho..

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#82 Edited by monetarydread (2829 posts) -

@htiawe said:

@monetarydread: really? I didnt know that, i never had any problems with latency on the 360 but i guess its for the better. Wish my controllers would stop dropping connection with the console tho..

Loading Video...

Here is a video talking about the reasons for the different protocol. It should start at the proper time, but in case Youtube fucks up, they start talking about wireless at the 4 minute 35 seconds mark.

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#83 Posted by htiawe (28 posts) -
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#84 Posted by monetarydread (2829 posts) -

@htiawe: I'ts no problem. That's what community is for, we try to be friendly at this place.

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#85 Posted by Mercuria1_King (21 posts) -

Yes, it's better than the Xbox 360's controller. I enjoy everything about the controller.

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