Kinect Dead (receive Kinect Unplugged message) after 2 hours

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Anyone else had an issue with their Kinect on Xbox One? I've read about quite a few issues on forums and twitter but hoping it's not too widespread along with the other issues the One has been dealing with.

The Kinect worked fine out of the box and continued to work after the firmware update but I did notice 3 red lights that stayed on the whole time it was one. If what I read was correct nobody is supposed to get 3 red lights on the kinect? Anyways, after about an hour or so of gaming it just shut off and said it was unplugged. Tried all the troubleshooting and it looks like it isn't coming back anytime soon. MS would have me send it back for replacement but luckily Amazon will do it without requiring me to send it in until I get the new one delivered.

Also, this is a Day One edition console and I heard it affecting mostly those units so I don't know if that is correct or not. Please post if you've had similar issues and if it was Day One or not.

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I think I am in the same boat as you. I've been using my Xbox One since launch day and now all of the sudden my Kinect turned off and won't restart. The system doesn't recognize it and keeps displaying a "Kinect is unplugged" error message. I've followed all of the troubleshooting suggested on the Xbox support forums, but it looks like this is a known issue--according to accounts online. I've even restored my system to factory settings hoping it would force an update that might resuscitate it (since some have said it's a software issue), but it looks like it might be a hardware issue indeed since it's not being recognized at all.

I am not happy at all with this. Xbox support will be receiving a call since nothing seems to bring it back.

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My god did anyone get a new system that works? Every day I see a new thread that eventually fills with people saying how there's are broken. I get that you only ever hear stuff when it goes bad and the people that don't have the problems are using it, but this seems like RROD level problems but each one different.

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It had been working perfectly fine up until this point--voice controls have not been going haywire like for some people--but all of the sudden, poof. Trying one final complete reboot to see if I can get it to work, but I'm not optimistic. I have a launch Xbox 360 that used up until the 22nd, and Xbox One gives way less than 2 weeks in.

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Hey I just got a Xbox yesterday. I'm having a similar issue. The kinect seems to be working fine when the system is on (granted it's less then 24 hours old) but when I put it into sleep mode and try saying Xbox on it does nothing. I hit the power button the Xbox fires up, and I get the message kinect unplugged. However If I unplug and plug it back in it comes back to life. Did you ever experience this? Did you ever get your situation resolved?

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A blessing in disguise?

Sorry about your luck though.

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Yup kinect is now not working at all. However it's strange, I had the turn tv on/off feature enabled before it completely crapped out on me. And it will still turn the tv on and off and when I power up the xbox. Also I can still hear the fan going inside the kinect so I know it's still drawing power from the system. It's just bizarre glitch. Hopefully getting a new kinect from MS solves the problem?

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@jackel2072: Hey Jackal. I finally did get my issue resolved; however it took a substantial amount of time discussing with Microsoft support. I followed all of the troubleshooting suggested online and by Microsoft customer support, but nothing brought my Kinect back to life. I ended up doing an advance exchange with my Kinect, so I now I have a brand new one. It's working fine, just as the original one was in the beginning. This is apparently a known issue because Microsoft support was not surprised or caught off guard at all by my particular issue with the Kinect.

Hopefully this new Kinect will have longevity and won't just suddenly turn off and not come back on like the other one. I can't say I experienced the exact same problem you're having since mine never turned off and then came back on after troubleshooting. Unlike yours though, my Kinect was completely unresponsive (no lights, fans, or sensors).

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@kiri90: yup that's what I ended up doing too. Hopefully it will solve the problem. It was a painless experience dealing with Microsoft this time around. Which was NOT the case back in the 360 days. That advance exchange is a cool idea I'm glad they offer that.

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The Kinect has gotten a sufficient amount of information and is shutting itself down while it transfers the data to the NSA. Agents will be with you within a few days to "explain" the situation.

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Had the exact same problem, and here is a solution that worked for me. I plugged the Xbox one directly into a power socket on the wall, rather than the power splitter that I was plugged into, and it started working again. Long shot, but I hope it works for you. For the record, the Xbox One has to be the most frustrating system I've ever owned!

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shit dude how are you gonna find stuff on the gui now?

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@autobarn: Thanks for the suggestion, man. I actually did try that during my troubleshooting list with the Microsoft representative, but it didn't work. I guess mine was truly dead.

@jackel2072: Glad you found a resolution. The experience overall was pretty straightforward, but the time it took was much too long. I agree that the advance exchange is good, though. Hopefully not too many people will have to use it! ;)

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Mine did the same thing. The kinect shut off and won't come back so I tore it apart and found that the fuse that plugs into j11 on the main mother board is blown. It's a setfuse x1 fuse that has 3A 250vac 60vdc rating. The only problem is I can't find anywhere to buy a replacement. Here is the manufacturer website.

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