My Xbox Fitness experience, the high and lows

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I tried out Xbox Fitness for the first time this weekend. Since I'm already partially through a cycle of Insanity, I decided to do my scheduled workout through the Xbox One Fitness app. It was awesome. I try to push myself as hard as I can when I do my workouts, but having the instant feedback, the random challenges, and overall scores for the workout really caused me to focus and push myself more. I was close to throwing up, I was so exhausted by the end. I loved it. I decided that since the Xbox Fitness App has the 3 main Insanity workouts from month 1 available, I'd continue to use it throughout this week.

Then I tried it again yesterday. Halfway through my workout, the app crashed and I got sent back to the dashboard. All my progress was lost. I was annoyed, but shrugged it off as a minor glitch.

I tried it again today. A little over halfway through the workout, the system started giving me an error message saying that the Fitness app couldn't connect to the internet, even though the system is hardwired into my router and it showed everything was still running smoothly (I wasn't dropped from Xbox Live, I could still see the store, etc.) I was forced to quit the app. I checked the network connection under the system settings and it showed I had a good connection. Either way, this was the second day in a row that I could not finish my workout because of problems with the app.

What I'm left with is a system that seems like it can do amazing things and is impressive when it works, but since it is so riddled with bugs and errors, it just kills my excitement for the platform. It's not just the fitness app. I still get dropped to the dashboard in Dead Rising 3 occasionally. The voice commands work infrequently. The whole system is just frustrating me right now. I want the Xbox Fitness App to work. When it did, it was awesome. On Saturday, I was ready to recommend the system and the Fitness App to all my fitness friends. Today I found myself telling my friends to skip the platform for now. I want to love it, I just can't.

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I would contact Xbox support. I've never had an app/game boot me back to the dashboard. It's possible there was a hiccup in the net connection from either Xbox Live or from your provider, but it's not cool that it had you reset.

As for the voice commands, make sure you get in the flow of how they work for the time being until it can adapt a bit better. there are slight pauses that you might be missing that can make a huge difference.

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yeah..that sucks. Haven't had any problems either, hopefully this will be fixed soon.

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Xbox Fitness is great. Really helpful. No problem.

I'd only wish I would have bigger will power to exercise.

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I've been using it 4 or 5 times a week for the last month, and I think xbox fitness is probably the worst developed thing on the console lol. I've had 2 or 3 crashes and it complaining about my perfectly good internet connection. And the fact that it doesn't support voice for navigating the menus seems like a huge oversight. That said, I'm still using it, and loving it.

Saying that it stopped you from finishing your workout seems a bit of an overreaction though. I just load it up again and jump to where i was. Sure it screws up the scoring for that session, but the important thing is that i'm doing it right?

EDIT: oh and this weekend's patch seems to have made some aspects of voice recognition worse, not better lol.

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