New friends and friends functionality for Xbox One

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So, I'm looking for new Xbox One friends to pimp out my friends list with all this new functionality. Who's with me?

GT: ValeYard13

Also, who are you planning to follow but not befriend? I think Giantbombing will be getting a follow request from me and many others on day one...

Are you guys excited about this follow function? I mean, I know everyone thinks they're interesting and all, but I don't reckon anyone will be following non-celebs like me and I think Major Nelson is high and drunk if he thinks many of us will gain lots of followers over time, as he states in the above video.

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I would care about this more if I was closer to picking one up next year....BUT - assuming the video is not touched up or anything - I was impressed with how fast it responded to voice recognition and snapped that app at 2:16:

However ValeYard....did you read the comments on that Youtube video?

vedhas balaji2 hours ago

i live in india and i am planning to buy an xbox one this holiday. but i am very sad that this app is useless cause people very very raraley know what is a console and i have no friends to play with

Looks like someone needs a friend :)

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