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Hi I thought I´d share my xbox import story.

I live in Sweden and imported an xbox one from the US the thing I forgot is that the voltage in the houses in the US is different from what it is in EU. So I plugged in the power brick filled with joy of having an xbox one. And then the power went out and it started to smell burnt. Man I was bummed so I went to my friends at Massive Entertainment and got to look at their xbox power brick(thanks to the guys at Massive for the help). This is the moment I understod that my power brick would not work in sweden so here is the image with what I did to fix my problem.

We found that an ATX power supply could be used to power a xbox 360 so we tried the xbox one aswell. The first two tests led to the xbox just running the fan at maximum but third times the charm. So this is my home set up now! If you want to do this yourself its just googling ATX powering Xbox 360 the only difference is you have to plug the grey cable from the xbox to the grey cable of the ATX:) //happy Xbox one owner.

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Are you able to play games because I tried the same thing and my Xbox keeps switching off when I boot games.

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What was the third time that was the charm? I've just set my xbox one up with an ATX supply and it worked for two weeks or so, but just today does what you described, if I turn the PSU on manually the fan runs full speed, but if I connect it so the Xbox will turn on the PSU, which was working perfectly, it does nothing, it doesn't turn on the PSU, and it doesn't correctly make the powering on sound. I'm at a loss here.

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