Ryan McCaffrey interviews Phil Spencer

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Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer -- the man who approves or rejects every single Xbox game there is -- stops by the Podcast Unlocked studio for an enlightening one-hour chat (starts at the 38:01 mark). He talks Titanfall, the future of Gears of War, the future of Project Gotham Racing, the next game from the creators of State of Decay, and much more. Plus: Titanfall seals its PlayStation 4 fate, Halo: Spartan Assault predictably gets announced for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Tiger Woods suffers another relationship breakup, and plenty more.

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IGN: Podcast Unlocked Episode 119: Phil Spencer Interview

He seemed pretty cool, I dunno. And he has some legitimately nice things to say about PS4.

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It was a good interview. He actually seems like a cool guy to have behind the scenes and actually highlighted that he just has a terrible stage presence. At press conferences he should be more of the Phil Spencer we got in that interview and less that weird douchey cockiness he gives off. Sony has Shuhei out there interacting with the consumers and being personable about it. Xbox needs more of the way Phil was with Ryan in that interview and less Larry Hyrb.

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Very much enjoying this interview so far. He seems like a nice guy, the kind you'd sit down and drink some orange juice with.

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While I'm not getting X1, this was interesting. It's so refreshing to hear someone else talk than Nelson and his damage control.

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This is a great interview. Always liked McCaffery and Spencer comes off as just a nice, regular dude. You can tell when he walks the xbox line but there's certainly no PR voice here - he should be in more interviews, rather than the robots we tend to see. It would do wonders for MS' image.

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I also thought it was a good interview, there may be hope yet. Especially hopeful was the remark that they are looking at Steam's sales models.

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twas a good interview I thought, I always thought spencer came off so douchey on stage its good to hear him speaking naturally.

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I've taken a liking to Albert Penello on twitter lately - not afraid to address the critics and people who chase him with questions and such. But that said, this interview's been pretty good too.

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