Swapping out the Xbox One's Internal HDD

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Read near the launch that a modder had replaced the HDD of the One. Has anyone tried it or know someone who has? I'm interested in it after I saw how easy it was to take apart the Xbox. My only concern is if Microsoft is banning anyone for this.

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It voids your warranty so maybe wait until it's up to do it.

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@pandabear: Notice how I posted here, guess what that means? I'm asking if someone has had experience with it. I also did a quick search and didn't find anything concrete quickly. I flashed my own 360 hard drives since Microsoft was pricing them so ridiculously, but they never banned anyone for it.

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@duuuuuuuuubstep: Sorry. One of my friends swapped the normal drive for a hybrid drive. It didn't really work. Microsoft doesn't provide a way, or didn't at the time, to re-install the OS so all he had was a XB1 with a lot of space but no OS. Things may have changed since then.

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@mikey87144: My fault as well I was replying to Panda for his amazing Google search for me and clicked on your name by mistake. Read that cloning the original partition to the new drive might work?

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External drives can be used before the end of the year. Problem solved.

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Very happy to see this finally happen. 500GB for a console that promotes downloadable retail games is a joke. I'm already at like half-capacity and the console is barely half a year old.

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I think the folks at Tested.com did some pretty quick stuff with both the ps4 and xbox one as far as replacing the drives with SSDs, doing what they did but using a different drive would prolly be fine. Though now you can just grab an external drive and do things that way which seems way easier than cracking things open and slotting the drive in manually. Grab a proper external drive or a usb mount things that you slot an internal drive into and plug that sucker in and boom... terabytes of storage ready to sit there and wait for games to be on them.

At the rate that games are releasing so far though I don't think my Xbox One will actually be full till the end of the year, and I've bought pretty much all the games (definitely all the larger filesize games... unless that Strider game is secretly huge hah).

You'll have to cull your games eventually though, well maybe... I mean I have like 400 steam games and of course I can't have them all sitting on a drive at the same time... seems wasteful if you have even the most basic of internet connection. It's hard to say how many games I'll have on my Xbox One's drive(s) once 2-4 years pass... there may be close to 70 or so by then but also by then I bet 4TB drives will be cheap enough that I can hold all of them... who knows. All I know is I don't feel the pressure yet to expand the storage of the thing just yet, by the time I do I bet those first games I have are ones I'll be totally fine just deleting anyways (like I really am gunna want Dead Rising 3 at my fingertips a year from now etc). Some games add up though of course, I bet I'll have Forza on there for a bit longer, it's always good for a quick race and such.

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