Which downloadable game to get?

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#1 Posted by MisterBigMack (45 posts) -

Out of the main download only games which I believe are Peggle 2, max curse of the brotherhood, crimson dragon and power star golf, which one shall I get? I got a free £15 card with my bundle so can only really afford one

I haven't mentioned killer instinct, for despite how much jeff and the other reviews like it, I have never been a big fighting games lover

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#2 Posted by TehPickle (693 posts) -

Other than Killer Instinct (which I can totally understand you having no interest in), I don't personally think there's anything else download only that's actually worth buying at the moment.

If you're really into that sort of thing, then perhaps Peggle 2?

Otherwise, I'd suggest saving the money for a rainy day.

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#3 Posted by MisterBigMack (45 posts) -

Yeah I loved Peggle but wouldn't it get repetitive quickly?

I loved the everybody's golf series on PS so for a quick pick up and play would I enjoy powerstar golf?

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#4 Edited by Nhoj_Sllew (192 posts) -

Spartan assault comes out tomorrow, that might be fun

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#5 Posted by JackBurt0n (115 posts) -

Yeah, if you're into Peggle, Peggle 2 is really more Peggle. :)

Other than that, Powerstar Golf is okay. But yeah, Halo: Spartan Assault is pretty cool, I've been playing it on my Surface, and I forgot it comes out tomorrow...definitely worth $10. Not sure what they're selling it for on the XBOne, though.

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#6 Posted by Nashvilleskyline (353 posts) -

Well, from what I've played of Killer Instinct, it's pretty great. And you can sort of try it for free.. The dojo is the best thing I've seen in a fighting game. It literally makes you do and understand stuff you would not purposely do otherwise. It looks really pretty as well. I think 5$ for a character is a little expansive. I would settle for 2.99 but hey..money guys

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#7 Edited by Kidavenger (4417 posts) -

I'd go for Peggle, or wait until something good comes out.

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#8 Posted by ch3burashka (6086 posts) -

Keep the cash.

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#9 Posted by pweidman (2854 posts) -

If you like golf games get Powerstar Golf. I have it and like it more than any of the more recent Tiger Woods Golf games.

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#10 Edited by OGinOR (331 posts) -

Spartan Assault...tomorrow. It's the only "XBLA" game that holds any interest for me.

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#11 Posted by LucidDreams117 (631 posts) -

Just finished playing through Curse of the Brotherhood. A fun game but thru puzzles can get challenging later on. A lot harder than I ever expected considering how straightforward that game can seem in the beginning. I really liked it. Bought Peggle 2. Really enjoy that game. It's more fun if you play it as a couch co op game with friends. One person goes, and the next has to beat their score. Lots to do in that game. But yeah, maybe it can get repetitive. But damn if you don't get bang for your 12 bucks.

Haven't played the Golf game but I've heard good things. Though I think it's 20 bucks, not sure how much Pounds wise.

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#12 Posted by LucidDreams117 (631 posts) -

Oh. By the way. Spartan Assault is out today! I too thought it was the 24th. But nope. Major Nelson says it's out and I've already got it :)

Only paid 5 bucks because I played it on my surface. Fun game!! You wouldn't think it'd work on a touch device but it does!! Though I'm sure it'll be even better with a controller. I'll try it out later today. Plus live co op is new. It's also a game filled with quite a lot of side goals. Good game that lives up to the Halo name. Get that if you like Halo :)

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#13 Posted by jasbir (108 posts) -

power star golf looks like a fun game

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#14 Posted by Nashvilleskyline (353 posts) -

get halo if it is indeed out. I'm getting it

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#15 Posted by Beb (298 posts) -

Power star is a bit borderline for me. I don't regret getting it but don't quite like it as much as some people seem to. It feels very 'budget'to me.

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#16 Posted by TheHBK (5672 posts) -

Spartan Assault, its a real mans game. If you don't buy it, you don't have any balls.

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#17 Posted by DoctorTran (1619 posts) -

I personally really liked Lococycle and definitely got my 20 dollars worth out of it... But I'd wait for a price drop or sale for most of the games.

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#18 Edited by l4wd0g (2390 posts) -

I have Peggle 2 (which is a lot more Peggle) and Powerstar Golf which is an arcadey (Hot Shots-esque) golf game. I would watch some "let's plays" on YouTube. But I have spent a lot more time with Peggle 2 that Powerstar Golf. Powerstar is great of you have a lot of friends or people you follow playing the game.

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#19 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (7837 posts) -

Pretend I put a gif of the Peggle guy from E3 in this text box.

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#20 Posted by Nashvilleskyline (353 posts) -

By the way... this week's specials are pretty sweet.. Wolf among us for free, brothers for 5$...all on 360 though

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