worth getting a xbox one If I already have a ps4?

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#1 Posted by ravensword (4272 posts) -

I mean, I really want to play Titan fall, but it's the only game out that I really want to play that's only on Xbox one right now. I don't know what the Ones exclusive lineup looks like for the rest of the year, but I'm not sure if it's worth plucking down 500 dollars when I already own a PS4.

When do you think we'll see a price drop? When do you think it'll be worth getting both?

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#2 Edited by bigjeffrey (5282 posts) -


also there was a "price drop" this morning, $399 for titanfall bundle.

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#3 Posted by Revan_NL (394 posts) -

No, mainly because you can bet that Titanfall 2 is coming to PS4.

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#4 Posted by Vinny_Says (5914 posts) -

This exact thread exists, it was made by some brandon guy. If you can find it (good luck with that search) you should look at the replies there.

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#5 Posted by Reisz (1623 posts) -

Unless you're REALLY into Dead Rising. I'd say no.

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#6 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4468 posts) -

I bought an XONE day one, and I've bought a PS4 recently. Titanfall is definitely. I heard grown men guffaw with joy, that I've never met, while playing the Titanfall beta. I'm not getting Titanfall til this Sunday or so, but I'm definitely getting it. I'd say its worth it.

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#7 Posted by foolman (89 posts) -

It's a great system! I say it's worth it!

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#8 Posted by IIGrayFoxII (362 posts) -

@raven_sword: To be honest, don't listen to anybody, they are bias in one way or another. Just know you will be paying a premium to play the game right now. If you are fine with paying that premium, then who am I to judge.

I personally believe in owning both consoles anyways (or all 3 if you like Nintendo developed games), enough exclusives come to both and if you maintain the console well, they last for years.

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#9 Edited by awesomeusername (4612 posts) -

Not for one game, no. Maybe wait for a price drop? Quantum Break and another Halo are supposed to be coming to X1 this year. Also Project Spark. That's all I know that's been confirmed for this year. If you're interested in those 3 games, anything that's already out AND have the money to burn, go for it. If you want an X1 just for Titanfall and have no interest in the above games, then no.

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#10 Posted by ajamafalous (13567 posts) -

Isn't Titanfall on PC?

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#12 Posted by Nashvilleskyline (353 posts) -

I don't own a PS4, but the One is great

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#13 Edited by BRich (510 posts) -

Love nearly everything about my One. If you have a cable box, this is a no brainer. If not, it still has the exclusive games that I want to play (and no I am not building a gaming PC, my Mac handles Diablo 3, League of Legends and Hearthstone just fine.)

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#14 Posted by Chaser324 (8168 posts) -

This early in the life cycle of both consoles, it's hard to really make a case for either being worth buying, but it really just comes down to exclusives. Are there things you want to play on the Xbox One? If not, then there's no harm in waiting it out. If yes, go ahead and pick up one of those Titanfall bundles.

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#15 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1728 posts) -

Titanfall alone is not worth dropping four hundred and ninety-nine bones. Give it a year or two and I'm sure the exclusives will start piling up for the XBO, but you're best to just pass on Titanfall if that's the only reason you'd be buying an XBO. Or, get the PC version, which can run and look a whole lot better than the XBO version anyway.

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#16 Edited by MinusTimes (33 posts) -

It depends on how much you care about Microsoft first party games and exclusives. If you enjoy Halo, Gears, etc. then I say go for it; especially in light of the deals going on right now. Both Wal-Mart and Amazon are offering the Titanfall bundle for $50 off which means you're getting the system and its best game right now for less than the system usually costs by itself. There might be a price drop around the holiday window but there might not be. So this might be the best deal you get on the system for quite sometime.

Personally, I bought the PS4 at launch and I am disappointed in it for the exact same reason I was disappointed in the PS3 when I bought it at launch; the launch window exclusives have been extremely underwhelming. I picked up the Titanfall bundle on release day and I haven't regretted the decision. It's tough to say that any one game is worth a $499 price tag--especially when there's no real campaign, but Titanfall has proven easily better than anything I've played on PS4 thus far. If I had it to do over again. I would have paid the extra $100, picked up a One, and waited for Uncharted 4 to pick up the PS4.

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#17 Edited by Irishdoom (398 posts) -

I'm really tempted myself by the current offers. I could get a Titanfall for about $355 right now with the $450 sales price, a 10% off mover's coupon and a $50 reward cert. I'm sorely tempted, but I just don't know. I do already have a PS4 and Wii U. And my backlog is already massive.

What are some other exclusives soon to come to the Xbox One?

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#18 Posted by Nashvilleskyline (353 posts) -

yeah..they are selling the bundle for 399 on MS store I think

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#19 Posted by kindgineer (3089 posts) -

As always...If you like what is coming out on the system, buy it. If you don't, well don't.

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#20 Posted by UltraBoi (38 posts) -

If you have money to spare, sure, why not, buy them all. If you're asking if Titanfall is worth the price of the Xbox, in my opinion, no it isn't. I have a very powerful PC and the game for it from Mexican Origin site for about $45 including the season pass and aside from playing 2 hours at midnight when the game unlocked and 2 hours more after work that day I haven't touched the game since, nor do I get any urge to, instead I'm playing the alien coop game (cant remember the name of the mode) in CoD: Ghosts.

Titanfall is not a bad game by any means, it does what it tries very well, unfortunately what there is there it's not enough imo, and even though I paid $45 for the game and the season pass I still think it's too much, it should have been $20 as digital download, maybe $30, and certainly not worth the price of an Xbox One, especially so if you have a PS4.

Wait for Titanfall 2 which by then will hopefully be a more complete concept in what their trying to achieve and as far as exclusives for the Xbox One go, unless Microsoft spends a shit load of money like they did with Titanfall to make more 3rd party games exclusives, which I doubt they will, they have nowhere near the amount of studios that Sony has in terms of numbers of quality for that matter. The only ones they've got left are Turn10 which make Forza and Rare, a shell of what it used to be, so unless they open more studios or pony up more money I wouldn't expect any other exclusives any time soon.

Look if you have spare money or can justify $400 for Titanfall, sure buy it, otherwise wait for exclusive stuff to come out for it cos any third party games will always look better on the PS4 as they would look better on the PC for obvious reasons.

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#21 Edited by ravensword (4272 posts) -

Well, as far as games that are out now, the only games I'd get would be killer instinct, forza 5, and titian fall. Coming up? I'd get the new halo, gears, fable, and maybe quantum break. As far as multiplatform goes, I'd probably get them on ps4 if they continue to be better there. I'd have to look again and see what's hitting the xbone

I could care less about the tv functionality, really. Maybe I'd change my mind after actually using it though.

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#22 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4468 posts) -

Sunset Overdrive, Fable Legends, below, and Super Time Force are also good confirmed exclusives. Resident Evil 7, Forza Horizon 2, and Platinum Game's Project Nagano, etc, are also good rumored exclusives.

TV though, MS seems to be gearing up for a smorgasbord of TV things. Halo as a TV show, confirmed. A bunch of random Seth Green, and Michael Cera TV shows seem to be coming up, as well as other things I don't remember. Fable, Forza, Gears of War, and Age of Empires, all seem to be in consideration for TV shows.

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#23 Posted by ravensword (4272 posts) -
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#24 Posted by Sergio (3553 posts) -

@raven_sword: I would say if you don't have anything to play right now, it's probably worth getting it since there are some games you're interested in now, with more in the future. If you have plenty to play now, wait until you don't. Maybe by then there'll be a permanent price drop, a Kinect-less SKU, or something crazy announced at E3.

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#25 Posted by ravensword (4272 posts) -

@sergio: well, since I just upgraded my tv, I probably can't even do it now anyway. Have to wait a bit. By then maybe the price will drop. The thing is, I have a weird thing about playing games for the first time months after they hit. Feels like I either get over playing them or the excitement dies out.,but we'll see.

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#26 Posted by ripelivejam (11579 posts) -

i don't have either: should i die?

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#27 Posted by AdequatelyPrepared (2521 posts) -

I don't own either console (yet), but I wouldn't be getting one just for a single exclusive. Just my 2 cents.

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#29 Posted by BradBrains (2046 posts) -

buying one console the first year released is iffy. buying both is silly. wait it out.

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#30 Posted by BurBan_Snake (412 posts) -

I don't know Raven...

I hear the XB1 is pretty susceptible to dust getting inside the console..

and really ruining the graphical quality of the games..

I wouldn't recommend it..


(If you know this poster, this will make sense to you.)

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#31 Posted by ravensword (4272 posts) -
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#32 Posted by slyspider (1784 posts) -

If you have money to burn sure, otherwise I'd wait for a decent pricedrop

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#33 Edited by jay_ray (1524 posts) -

@blu3v3nom07 said:

@raven_sword: Why would it not be exclusive? Dead Rising 3?

Their would not be a Dead Rising 3 if MS didn't pay for the development. RE7 is a giant franchise and MS would have to pay an illogical amount of money even for a timed exclusive.

On topic, I don't see the point right know. Maybe in a year or two.

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#34 Edited by pyrodactyl (3832 posts) -

@reisz said:

Unless you're REALLY into Dead Rising. I'd say no.

Don't know man. I was REALLY into Dead Rising and the grit filter over everything as well as the change in design philosophy has just turned me off the new one completely.

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#35 Edited by callsignneptune (29 posts) -

I bought one for Titanfall. It's a good system but I wouldn't say it's worth it if you already have a PS4. Maybe wait until there are more exclusives out there for the Xbox One to make the purchase more worth while.

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#36 Posted by flip2000b (34 posts) -

As the owner of both it is hard to recommend getting both. I got the Xbox One first as I was mainly a 360 gamer and a lot of the Xbox One really appealed to me and I was worried about the PS4 controller as the PS3 controller is the worst. I then got a PS4 about a month ago as I want to play my multi-platform as best as possible and currently the PS4 is where that seems to be and I am now left waiting for the next Xbox One exclusive to make me play other than Titanfall.

Both are awesome systems and both are trying to patch and improve on what is not working great but it is hard to justify both.

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#37 Posted by TheKing (856 posts) -


I have both and enjoy them both equally.

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#38 Posted by EsDeib (114 posts) -

Just found a great deal on an Xbox One here in Mexico. Found this thread. Now I'm definitely getting in on that tomorrow. I am excited.

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#39 Posted by darksouls2 (24 posts) -

No, please don't.

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#40 Edited by EsDeib (114 posts) -

But I wanted to. Man, you never let me do anything fun.

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#41 Posted by FinalDasa (3098 posts) -

I own both and in terms of games and entertainment options, they're essentially the same.

If you can wait maybe you should wait for a potential price drop, and for a potential Titanfall 2, and until then enjoy the same stuff on the PS4.

I've mostly used either console for entertainment. The WWE app, Netflix, Youtube, and TV all go through my Xbox One now and it's almost always on but the PS4 can pretty much do all of the same. So until they really become distinct from one another you should be just fine with only one.

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#42 Posted by EsDeib (114 posts) -

I'm actually excited to play Titanfall and KI, though. I'm into fighting games, and that one looks pretty good. And the deal I found is pretty great. Basically cheaper than in the US (these thing are usually way overpriced here) and it gets me FIFA and another game of my choice for free. You're right, though. Right now most of the good games are on both consoles and the better versions are usually on the one I already have, but there are a lot of games I want that are or will be exclusive to just one of the consoles. You do raise some good points. I'll give it some more thought.

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#43 Edited by TheLastGunslinger (579 posts) -

I own both and would say yes, as long as each has games you want to play. This fall I, want to play the next Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break and (hopefully) the unannounced Forza Horizon sequel on the Xbox One. On the PS4, the only upcoming exclusive I want to play is The Order: 1886, but I'm sure Sony has some stuff cooking up for the Fall that they'll show at E3.

If none of the exclusives interest you then definitely stick with just one platform.

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#44 Posted by Corevi (6795 posts) -

Literally a month away from E3, just wait till the Microsoft conference, see if they announce anything truly special to you.

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#45 Edited by EsDeib (114 posts) -

Well, that sweet deal only lasts until Monday, they'd never had anything near this good at any store I knew of (and I was looking for sales) and I was kind of afraid that as soon as Halo, Gears or something like that gets announced, they'll stop with the deals. Also, they told me they had a couple consoles that had Forza instead of Fifa, so I decided to get in on it. I'm quite enjoying the games I got, too., and I wanted to get it in a few months anyway, so I feel confident I made a good choice. Thanks for the help, guys!

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#46 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1425 posts) -

Definitely one of those situations where if you have the money and desire then it's a Yes, otherwise it's a No.

How has your experience with the console been so far since you're purchase? There isn't a huge amount of games for either console just yet, do you play them both often? Do you have a large group of friends on one or the other? And do you play game on your PC as well and has thatn changed since the consoles released.

For me I'm trying to buy games on the Xbox One so far, and honestly I play them a bit on PC to make sure I enjoy them enough to go ahead and buy them on the console, kinda weird maybe. My PC is old though and games are on the razor's edge of playable for me, so it's almost like playing them on my PC is like a trial version for the potential console purchase.

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#47 Posted by Mercuria1_King (21 posts) -

You should definitely get a Xbox One!

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#48 Posted by cyrilerzor (9 posts) -

If you already have an PS4. Don't waste money on another console. Unless your rolling in dinero.

Plus not enough games are out for the new consoles.

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#49 Posted by TrafalgarLaw (1715 posts) -


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#50 Posted by pweidman (2620 posts) -

Sure if the games justify it. DR3, Ryse, Forza 5 are all good, and then these two are coming: Halo 5, and the Masterchief Collection. I really like looking forward to games on both consoles.

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