Xbox Avatars are getting an update

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In a recent Twitter exchange, someone asked about the possibility of adding wheelchair support to avatar's to which Phil Spencer responded saying it was something they were working on. Mike Ybarra then gave a sneak peak of the wheelchairs they were adding. What's interesting here though is that this sneak peak gave us more than just a look at the new wheelchair option but a sneak peak into a brand new redesign of the avatars themselves.

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Since the launch of the Xbox One, avatar's have been massively played down, is this a sign that MS are looking to bring them back in a big way?

What the current avatars look like for reference.
What the current avatars look like for reference.

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They look creepy. Their faces are sincerely entrenched in the uncanny valley.

And they remind of low-budget straight to VHS CG Barbie movies.

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Avatars have always felt forced.

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That dude looks like the sort of dick who would tip the chair's owner out onto the pavement with his mates, all in the name of "banter."

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They look like Thunderbirds puppets. I kind of like it.

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They look like creepy little dolls I'd think were haunted.

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I wouldn't be too surprised to see avatars make their way into non-console Xbox services, such as apps etc, as Microsoft expands the brand to more of a platform across multiple devices.

If that's the plan, then updating them in advance makes some sense.

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Team America avatars are fine by me.

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Did anyone really miss avatars I wonder?

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Xbox avatars X Playstation Home?

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Wheelchair support is great for people that want that, but MAN those are some weird looking digital people.

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I liked the old avatars. MS were clearly ripping off Nintendo's Mii ideas but I messed around with my 360 avatar way more than I messed around with the Mii on my Wii. That's a weird sentence.

Anyway, those new ones in the chairs look wrong, as others have said.

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Avatars need to die already. I am really sick of that trend.

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All people-looking avatars are dumb on all platforms. These people-looking avatars also look dumb.

This is not a complaint.

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I haven't really missed them on the new console... I can understand the appeal for some people, but I kinda prefer just having a profile picture next to each gamer tag when cycling through my friends list.

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They look fucking awful

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Who doesn't want a Master Chief in a wheel chair. The covenant may have broken his spine but they'll never break his spirit.

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I'm not impressed by the new ones, but I do hate the original Xbox Avatars. If, as they have implied, they are looking into bringing them back as part of the Windows10/Xbox integration, I'm glad they are at least updating them. Plus, having little wheelchairs to put them in is adorably awesome.

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Who doesn't want a Master Chief in a wheel chair. The covenant may have broken his spine but they'll never break his spirit.


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I wonder what the bottom of their feet look like.

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I hope all my old items carry over as I've already created the perfect avatar. Han Solo's body, Boba Fett's head, and festive winter gloves.

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they look fine.

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Little bit creepy for some reason

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What the fuck is up with their eyes

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