Xbox One Auto Sign-In

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#1 Posted by Mittt (80 posts) -

Wasn't this supposed to be a part of this latest update? My Xbox just updated but I can't find a way to turn this on anywhere. Anyone else have any luck finding it?

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#2 Posted by bigjeffrey (5282 posts) -

Settings < Preferences < Under the System and Apps thing "Instant Sign In" Pick your Tag

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#3 Posted by Mittt (80 posts) -

Found it. Thanks!

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#4 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1422 posts) -

In the future you should subscribe to following MajorNelson for finding out all this sort of stuff, generally he will be in a video describing in detail each new/changed feature along with a written article. He's on the youtube and twitter and all that stuff.

They do have a specific 'app' thingy on the store that shows the latest changes cause there was some larger ones lately, so that's prolly a good idea on their part also to keep people in the loop for things that have changed on what is already a new system (not fully used to how things work etc). Would be nifty if you could just tell your xbox to show you the new stuff directly though... maybe a bit frivolous though :)

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#5 Posted by Wolf3 (109 posts) -

I just turned this on last night...I guess it just bipasses Kinnect logging you in?

I also disabled my Kinnect last night LOL

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#6 Posted by Levius (1357 posts) -

As someone who never set my Kinect up, thank god for this feature.

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