Xbox one controller disconnects randomly

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Only recently got an xbox one and the second or third day of using it I've noticed the controller disconnects every now and then for no real reason. I've changed the batteries twice incase it was that.

Still no joy, anyone else had the issue at all? The solutions provided by Microsoft aren't exactly helpful

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Not sure if this will help, but I have noticed that occasionally my controller turns off if the Kinect cannot see it for a decent period of time, regardless of whether or not I am playing a game. On an unrelated note, I am still trying to figure out why a hand appears on my screen whenever I drink from a glass.

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#3 Posted by Mike (17288 posts) -

@deadeyes: There was someone on the forums around the time the Xbone launched that said the batteries sat rather loosely in his controller, and moving it around or dropping it would sometimes cause the controller to turn off. Could that be it? Regardless of what is wrong with it, definitely sounds like something that would be covered under warranty.

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@mb: How I sit when playing the xbox is pretty much with the controller in view at all times to the kinect. And I saw someone mention about the batteries being an issue, but they havent been with me. It reconnects itself again with me touching the batteries

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Certain battery brands are.... "slicker" (don't know of that's the right word) and smaller and don't seem to want to sit as well. I have Eneloops in two different controllers and haven't ever had them come loose. If you want to try a simple DIY solution, I've also heard of some people using a bit of aluminum foil to make things tighter in battery compartments.

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My XB1 is set up behind the wall as I have a projector and the Kinect cord is too short to be centered. Depending on where I sit the IR can't always pick-up the controllers IR, I noticed this will pop my controller off randomly, but when I disconnected the Kinect and it stopped. I have since plugged it back in and just make sure it can see the controller from time to time.

Maybe this helps.

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I managed to get my console replaced on warranty. The batteries sat fine in the control. It seemed to be a fault with the console not binding the controls properly.

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