Xbox one Elite Wireless Controller

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After weeks of checking, I finally found an elite controller available to order. I placed the order, but almost immediately got pangs of remorse. Thing is, I'm hardly a Pro player (kind of a spaz really), but I likes me a nice controller. I play almost every night, so I'm sure I'll get use out of it. Anyone out there have one of these? Is it worth the price tag?

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A local chain has the Elite controller on sale for 80 euro (down from €130). I've been sort of waiting for an updated model with Bluetooth support, but I might jump in at this price. I'd still like to hear thoughts from duders who've been using the Elite controller for a longer time. Have you been satisfied with your purchase?

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The local FNAC has a wall of Elite controllers. Are they that hard to find stateside?

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I was in a similar position last year when I bought mine. It's a luxury item for sure but there the difference in build quality is definitely noticable in the hands - it feels weightier. Not sure it's worth the price tag but I don't regret buying it. The controller feels built to last and is more comfortable than the regular XB1, or the new XB1S gamepad which seems kinda cheap and flimsy by comparison.

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#5 Posted by Zaccheus (1981 posts) -

I bought one. It's really, really nice... maybe don't pay 130€ for it. I can't really justify that decicion to myself anymore.

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I've had one since launch and it's easily the best controller I've ever used and it just feels real nice in your hands. Don't regret it at all

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#7 Posted by SkullPanda1 (1502 posts) -

Our very own Dan Ryckert has one and had nice things to say about it.

I personally don't have a use case for one, but I like the idea.

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#8 Posted by Sinusoidal (3325 posts) -

I periodically toy with the idea of getting one, but it's a hard sell in Korea where they run anywhere from $150-$200. I like my DS4s for PC gaming just fine, and I could buy three of them for the price of one Elite, and I can connect them with regular old Bluetooth.

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I don't have one but if you really like nice controllers, have the extra money, and play often, then go for it. Treat yo self duder! Life is too short.

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#10 Posted by pompouspizza (1223 posts) -

I have had one for about a year and even though I don't play my X1 all that much it was absolutely worth the money. By far the best controller I have ever used.

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I sold mine after a few months - Never used the replacement sticks and almost immediately removed the paddles. It also had a sticky analogue trigger.

Bought two new bluetooth XB1 pads with the proceeds.

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I got one off a decent deal from Gamestop last November or December, I got it $40 off or something like that. I really like it, it took some getting used to the paddles though. It feels great in the hands, and I use it exclusively now for my Xbox and I switch between the elite controller and my keyboard/mouse on PC depending on the game.

I have read on Amazon reviews that the bumper breaks often, so the quality control on this thing might be 50/50, I might have lucked out with a good one. So to me it was worth it.

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I love my Elite controller, it's well built, feels great, and surprisingly enough I like removing the travel distance of the triggers. I haven't gone all out with the flippers on the back but it's nice to have the options.

That said $150 is still a stupid high price for this thing. I only got it because Monoprice had them for $130 but I think that $100 is the right price this controller should sell for.

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