Xbox One Gamertag Exchange

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#501 Posted by Frybird (246 posts) -


(also on PS4 & Steam)


I'm not big on Online Gaming, but it's not like i'm getting hurt when someone asks.

Mainly playing Rock Band 4 right now, but gotta come back to Forza Horizon 2, Halo MCC and Sunset Overdrive one of these days.

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#502 Posted by falowaidah5757 (1 posts) -

everyone add me plz =)

Gamertag: FAlowaidah5757

time zone: Saudi Arabia +3

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#503 Posted by borklund (258 posts) -

Hello duders! Just got an Xbone. Looking for other duders to play Forza 6 and Halo 5 with.

Gamertag: Borklund

Time zone: CEST

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#504 Posted by ninnanuam (528 posts) -

GT n1nn4nu4m

TZ Perth / Bejing

Not launch anymore but GTA V and the most recent COD, probably battlefront as well.

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#505 Posted by secondhands (37 posts) -

Hi all. GT: Secondhands

Time Zone: Central US / CST

I have a mic.

Currently playing Black Ops 3 Domination and looking to group up with some people. Anyone can add me though.

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#506 Posted by Stef_QA (24 posts) -

Hello Duders,

Feel free to add: Stef_QA

I'm currently playing a ton of Fallout 4 and having a blast. However I'm also loving Halo 4!

Timezone (GMT +3) as i'm a Brit working out in the Middle East!

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#507 Posted by MachoFantastico (6282 posts) -

Hello folks,

Well I'm an Xbox owner yet again, so I thought I'd sort out my friends list.
Feel free to add me: SaitenMar.

Currently mainly focusing on Forza Motorsport 6, Halo: MCC and at some point Halo 5.


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#508 Posted by AcidPops91 (81 posts) -


I like comparing achievements.

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#509 Posted by GnuStylo (34 posts) -

Gamertag: Dl33cious

Timezone: Mountain

Just a lot of games now.

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#510 Posted by DocHarrop (27 posts) -

Evening ladies,

Gamertag: Siypt

Pacific - Best coast

Play a lot of different BS lately. Mostly PC but always looking for groups when I'm on Xbox

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#511 Posted by uhohlovehascometotown (87 posts) -


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#512 Posted by TalonLardner (32 posts) -

Greetings all! Just got my console, wouldn't mind having a few new friends on my gamertag to dust off my neglected Live account.

Gamertag: The Ratling

EST (Mornings or late afternoons, I work third shift)

Hoping to get in some Forza 6 fun, but if you just want to add me to your friends list to get it nice and full and for potential leaderboard run-ins, that's fine too!

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#513 Posted by bittensilver (1 posts) -

Hey everyone,

Gamertag: Rayquaza112

I just got my One and sold my 360 so I don't have too many games for the One yet. I have GTA V and Madden 16 as well and I'll be getting Halo 5, BO3, NBA 2K16 and so much more really soon. Add me!

Time Zone: EST

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#514 Posted by blade_r (65 posts) -

My Gamertag (and PSN) are both Blade4693

On XB1 I have Killer Instinct (1994) , Killer Instinct 2, and Killer Instinct (2013)

On PS4 I really am only playing Mortal Kombat X at the moment, but I also have Injustice and am getting Street Fighter V when it comes out if February too.

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#515 Edited by Coleslaw893 (457 posts) -

Gamertag: Coleslaw893

Time Zone: Eastern US

I've neglected my Live account for over 2 years now, so it would be cool to add some duders.

As far as online games go, currently own Halo 5 and Forza 6.

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#516 Posted by tomboy123 (1 posts) -

Gamer Tag: TheMasterDS

Region: US CST

Launch Titles: Shit, I dunno. Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct? Maybe Lococycle and Crimson Dragon? Might be too busy with Mario and Zelda to bother with some of those though.

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#517 Edited by Sellerman (8 posts) -

Gamertag: ThouIsARobber


Picked up Trackmania, be happy to chase down your ghost.

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#518 Edited by EmJayJordan (23 posts) -

GT- EmJayJordan - GMT

I play all kinds of stuff. GTA and FIFA on the regular

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#519 Posted by bobafettjm (2088 posts) -

I am looking for some people to add to my friends list that still somewhat care about achievements. I am at around 170k and am looking for someone else who is somewhat close to that. I used to have a couple of people that were sort of into them as well and it was a lot more fun when having others to compare to and such.

My gamertag is Bobafettjm

If you send a request add some text to it so I know you are from GB.

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#520 Posted by wonderva (293 posts) -

Hello all,

Just got my console, and so far all I have is Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Halo Chief Master Chief Collection. Looking for duders to add!

Gamertag: e5volcano

Region: Pacific (PST), USA

Time: I only game on the weekends due to work.

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#521 Posted by wolfhunter777 (13 posts) -


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#522 Posted by PerilousTech (1 posts) -

Just got my One today, feel free to add me!

Gamertag: PerilousTech

Region: US EST

Current games: Halo 5, Halo MCC, Gears of War UE

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#523 Posted by cannoli (18 posts) -

Hey guys! Just picked up an Xbox One yesterday. Looking forwards to playing with some Bomb Duders.

Gamertag: kolaboxing

Region: US EST

Games: Gears, Halo, Titanfall, probably CoD at some point idk

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#524 Posted by oljunebug (30 posts) -

Gamer tag: ChairDeath

Time Zone: Central US but I work graveyard shift so I keep crazy time.

I've mostly been catching up with the Halo collections and some Forza Horizon 2. First Xbox for me in a long time so just cruising through the hits.

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#525 Posted by SoulEater132 (1 posts) -

GT: SoulEater1329

I mainly play Black Ops 1 and 2 and 3 (1 and 2 on the 360 and 1 and 3 on the xbox one)

I'm an 18 year old guy with no mic (my old one broke and I havn't gotten around to getting a new one)

Game Modes: Mostly TDM but I also like Uplink, Safeguard, Demolition, and Fracture and zombies

Most Used Guns: KN-44, HVK-30, and Man-o-War

Most used Specialists: Outrider with Sparrow, Firebreak with Purifier, and Seraph with Annihilator

Level in Mulitiplayer: Level 1, Prestige 3

Level in Zombies: Level 3

W/L Ratio (Win/Lose): 1.80

K/D Ratio (Kill/Death): 1.08 That may not seem like much but, yeah, there are matches where I suck (like 10 kills and 22 deaths) but there are matches were I do spectacular (like 40 kills and 10 deaths (never doing that good again))

Also, I'd prefer not playing with anyone under 18.

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#526 Posted by umbr (7 posts) -


Idk what im playing

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#527 Posted by adosegnaro (16 posts) -

Doomed Animal

I try to play a bit of everything.

I made the Giant Bomb Unofficial Classic club on Xbox One today as well so you can join that if you like as well.

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#528 Posted by phonz (3 posts) -

XBL GT: Tritanomaly

Casually playing whatever I get my hands on.

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#529 Posted by jeffrud (544 posts) -

GT: AwesomeVanArt (ElectricViking78 most elsewhere)

Just add me and we can compete over Forza Horizon 3 times and scores. Also nabbed Rare Replay and Halo MCC, so I guess we can play PDZ?

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#530 Posted by jannywoowoo (10 posts) -
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#531 Posted by braves01 (76 posts) -

XBL tag: braves001

Got an Xbox over Black Friday, looking to liven up my community page a bit. Didn't have a 360 last gen and don't know anyone with an Xbox so my friends list is very sparse.

I play Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Doom (once it arrives in the mail), and Killer Instinct. I play pretty much every genre, as long as the game's good.

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#532 Edited by Solh0und (2045 posts) -

I just got a Xbox one S on Black Friday

My gamertag is SolH0und

I play various things such as Halo 5, Gears 4, Forza Horizon 3,Battlefield 1, and Battlefront to name a few.

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#533 Posted by SoulEater1329 (1 posts) -

I've been playing a lot of zombies on Black Ops 3 lately (Xbox One) and I've really been loving it but I'm tired of playing with random people that just try to survive and open random doors. I'd really like to play with people that know about the rituals, can complete them, and like to get the pack-a-punch machine. So if you know how to get the pack-a-punch machine and you too are tired of playing with people that don't, look me up. I'm SoulEater1329. I'm a 18 year old guy but I can't get the mic I recently got from Amazon to work so...

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