Xbox One to Xbox One S question

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So I really dig the sleak sexy look of the S console. Almost enough to trade up for it. I have a 2tb external drive. If I move all of my games over to that will that then connect seamlessly with my Xbox One S? I would assume the formatting is the same and as long as I log in with the same Xbox Live account I should be good to go. Am I missing something?

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Seems reasonable to me. And cloud saves have never failed me on the Xbox, personally. Seems like the only place that has always done me good in that regard.

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Same here, getting the S as it's the cheapest 4k Blue ray player on the market (right now w/ trade in) while my day 1 XBO has some value. Since I'm crazy I also figure with my luck, if I don't trade in and upgrade my Xbox it will probably die on me after the trade value drops and there are no trade-in promotions, hahah. I'm interested in seeing the 4k game upscaling as well even though MS is barely speaking of it. Any tiniest percentage of possible performance increase would be an unexpected bonus if that's even a thing. My games are also on a 2TB external HDD and I expect it to be plug'n play because that would just be insane if not.

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It is plug and play.

I put all my games on my 2tb external when i went from my day one to the elite. Was seemless

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Yep, worked great. Wasn't planning on biting on the 2TB, but I gave in to my lizard brain.

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