360/PS3 Conundrum

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So, I'm trying to decide which version to get. My 360 isn't hooked up to the internet and my PS3 is, but I've heard bad things about the PS3's frame rate. That's the only one I'd be able to patch and play online, though.

So which one should I go for? Are the patches more important than a better frame rate?

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My brother played a fair bit of it on the PS3. While it did get a bit framey, it didn't look unplayable. This doesn't seem like a game where frame drops terribly effect the experience either, especially since it's turn-based.

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You don't want to play unpatched Firaxis games. Ever. They are famously busted on release, and XCOM is no different.

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I'd get the one you can get patches on. I have the PC version, and XCOM had its fair share of bugs out of the gate. None were particularly detracting to my experience, thankfully, but I've heard stories. Also, you probably won't have to deal with the stupid Abductor UFO camera.

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I'd say patches are probably more important than frame rate, though I still got plenty of bugs and crashes despite patching.

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Ok, cool. Thanks duders!

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